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  1. OakFieldAlienz444

    This is not a normal deer because.......wait for it....this deer ate a SNAKE!
  2. OakFieldAlienz444

    Is there a conspiracy to create bizarre weird websites?
  3. OakFieldAlienz444


  4. E

    [ Interpretation: Violent dream ] A shocking encounter with a dark robed "vampire" like person/entity

    ( WARNING! My dream contained blood and rape. Please do not read this if you are under 18. Of course I won't wrote about deeper details the process or anything, but it has a deep effect on me and I'd like to find out it's reason, so please, if you have any idea, feel free to share with me. I'll...
  5. C

    Potential Sighting

    Early today, (April 20. 2019), I'm fairly certain I saw and spoke to a time traveller... Me and my father were out for a walk, and we live in England so the 25 degree weather we were having was abnormal for the country this time of year. Lots of people were out in town because of the nice...