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  1. Mr_Zero

    Has anyone heard of "the sons of man"

    Has anyone heard of a group called "the sons of man". They are a supposed hidden group that fought supernatural creatures such as vampires, blacked eye kids and etc. does anyone have any information on them. ?
  2. Antinventor2020

    Videos and Recordings of Supernatural Entities

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of videos and recordings of supernatural entities. I must advise the posters on this thread not to publish fake videos and threads. This thread, honestly, likely wouldn't get many real videos/recordings, if any at all. Still, I have decided...
  3. Antinventor2020

    Books on Supernatural Creatures

    Anyone here got a book on supernatural entities, beings, creatures, etc, they wish to discuss in this forum? Thanks
  4. R


    I am Royalblade. An anonymous hacker with great scores. I’m here to learn the things I don’t know. I’m an information junky. Message me if you have business for me. I play hard too.