1. OakFieldAlienz444

    What do people think of Tarot?

    What do people think of it? To me it's almost always accurate just like Astrology
  2. E

    Skinwalker interest + tarot reading [HELP]

    Hello everyone! I wrote a post some months ago connected to skinwalkers, wendigos and rakes, because I wanted to find out the truth behind that encounter, which doesn't seemed a threatening one. But I realized that my curiosity towards these kind of spirits and creatures, people still strong...
  3. noxinfinitum

    0!0 School of Magick Grand Opening

    I've found in my own journey of initiation over the last 15 years, that the availability of private instruction in the occult arts and sciences is rather slim. Live schools are impossible to find. The Gurdjieffians, the O.T.O., etc. are spiritually bankrupt, having lost the true secret key to...
  4. A


    Greetings. I found this page on my travels of the Internet and thought it was a place where kindred spirits meet. I love studying people, perspectives, and the things with no explanation yet. I'm a lifelong student, a scientist, and a believer. Recently I've quit my decade-odd-long career in...