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    The Hyperspace Triangle

    Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info. The triangle is made up of three points in space and time even in its shape and mathematics the triangle has special qualities about it it is used in math when used in math it is there to answer your questions or even solve its own problems the triangle can...
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    The Hyperspace Square

    Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info. There are four different types of time they are absolute, infinite, finite, and lunar the square is made up of four points in space and time even in a normal sense in its shape and mathematics in the square the lines are straight they are not bent and curved...
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    Secret Projects

    Science has been working on time travel since Einstein introduced his theory of relativity. Einstein said that time changes as an object approaches the speed of light. Nicola Tesla and other early scientists pursued magnetic waves and fields as a means of accomplishing travel through time...
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    Flux Capacitor Ideas 2 (TEC)

    Report by: Ryan Neibaur The original flux capacitor only works over a grid point, and if you bounce the button up and down on a DC source making a 2Hz square wave it will take you back in time. The original design called for a 1214.9 MF cap. This device will take you back in time only a few...
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    Flux Capacitor Ideas (TEC)

    Thanks to: [email protected] for the information. I have 2 ideas that seem somewhat odd but reproducible. First, instead of using 1 transducer in a flux capacitor, use four in the same design as the rotating field thing. Also, make a caduceus coil with a torus, and in the center, put in a...
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    The Space-Time Collector

    Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info. The space-time collector is still in the experimental stages. However, if you do decide to build it I think you will be in for some interesting experiences. As for the components, most of these items can be obtained through your local radio shack store except...
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    The Plasmatron Oscillator

    Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info. In order to build this device all you need is two 250,000-volt Tesla Coils, A plasma globe, and one plastic support stand. The plastic support stand is used to hold the plasma globe so that the electricity given off by both of the Tesla coils can ark directly...
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    Black Hole Time Travel Explanation

    Thanks to: Jjstriker for the information.
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    🧲 Schematic Hoverboard Schematics

    The step-down transformer needs to make a magnetic field 20 times as powerful as the earth's magnetic field.
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    So, what is ecktoplasm? Some scientists describe it as being a gummy, sticky, gooey jelly which permeates and connects all things in the universe. However, this only holds true in its concentrated form. In its expanded states it becomes a fine mist or vapor which is similar, if not identical, to...
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    Time Shifts

    Most speculation on the existence of Time Travel has been brought into the public arena, not by scientists, but by the Publishing and Motion Picture industries. From books like "The Time Machine" to Television series like "Dr. Who," "Star Trek", and "Quantum Leap" to Motion Pictures like "Back...
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    📐 Mathematics Time Travel Data

    1) Time is a product of consciousness, therefore by altering our consciousness, we can travel physically or spiritually through time. 2) Consciousness can be directly related to light, spiritual energy, gravity, and high frequency, 7.853975Hz. c.p.s. and the PHI value which is 1.618. 3)...
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    📐 Mathematics The Universal Time Equation

    The formula which I am about to reveal has unlimited possibilities. So much in fact, that anyone who possesses full knowledge of it, will be able to build a unique device that can be used for physical time travel. So without further ado, the equation is hereby given: If the formula were to be...
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    🧲 Schematic The Multiverse Resonator (T.E.C.)

    Admin note: take note that @Einstein's version of this schematics is better than this one. Here it is: https://paranormalis.com/threads/multi-verse-resonator-construction-details.9607/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This device works as well...
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    🧲 Schematic Time-Space Displacement System Design

    Thanks to: Neil Harris for the information 1.0 Classical Assumptions vs Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED) Data and Dual Function Modes: If time is transitional from state to state (on an incremental scale) of physical existence, this describes a continuum (ie. continuous) and therefore disallows...
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    🧲 Schematic The XD-7000

    Admin note: This document comes from Steven Gibbs' 8th Key to the Riddle of Time report document. Included, is a screenshot of the schematics shown on page 17 of the report. ---------------------------------------- Thanks to: Adam for the info The beings who showed me this information told me...
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    🧲 Schematic Tesla Coil Time Travel Machine

    Yes, it is true, tesla coils can be used for accomplishing either physical or out-of-the-body time travel. But what people don't realize is the fact, that tesla coils emit "negative energy". To be more specific, household appliances in this day and age, operate on positive energy. In other...
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    🧲 Schematic T.S.B.C. Time Travel Unit

    Blueprint # 1 To operate the unit, you must first connect the time coils to the A-1 terminals. Next, position the headband around your head so that the time coils are positioned directly above the eyebrows. Turn the unit on, and while you are holding a pendulum over the unit, turn the...
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    Lodestone for Teleportation

    According to some information that was given to me by a person who lives in West Virginia, an old friend of his discovered a way to teleport himself to any location in the United States. He said the old man accomplished this, by holding a lodestone next to his solar plexus while standing over a...
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    🧲 Schematic How to construct a Hyper-Dimensional Grid Point

    Time Portals There are many ways to construct a Time Portal. These portals can vary in height, width, or by the materials with which they are constructed. They can be made into an Orgone Accumulator, or into a large electromagnet which is built in the form of a Mobius Coil. Whatever way you...