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  1. Num7

    Mathematics The Universal Time Equation

    Taken from the old T.E.C. archive files. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The formula which I am about to reveal has unlimited possibilities. So much in fact, that anyone who possesses full knowledge of it, will be able to build a...
  2. Num7

    Schematics The Multiverse Resonator (T.E.C.)

    Found in the old T.E.C. archive files. I'm adding it for reference. Take note that @Einstein's version of this schematics is better than this one. Here it is: https://paranormalis.com/threads/multi-verse-resonator-construction-details.9607/...
  3. Num7

    Schematics Time-Space Displacement System Design

    Another document from the old T.E.C. archive files. ----------------------------------------------- Thanks to: Neil Harris for the information 1.0 Classical Assumptions vs Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED) Data and Dual Function Modes: If time is transitional from state to state (on an...
  4. Num7

    Schematics The XD-7000

    This came from the old T.E.C. database. From what I can see, it comes from Steven Gibbs' 8th Key to the Riddle of Time report document. I included a screenshot of the schematics shown on page 17 of the report. ---------------------------------------- Thanks to: Adam for the info The beings...
  5. Num7

    Schematics Tesla Coil Time Travel Machine

    Here's a device from the old T.E.C. data files. -------------------------------------------------------- Yes, it is true, tesla coils can be used for accomplishing either physical or out-of-the-body time travel. But what people don't realize is the fact, that tesla coils emit "negative...
  6. Num7

    Schematics T.S.B.C. Time Travel Unit

    Here's a device from the old T.E.C. data files. ------------------------------------------------------ Blueprint # 1 To operate the unit, you must first connect the time coils to the A-1 terminals. Next, position the headband around your head so that the time coils are positioned directly...
  7. Num7

    Lodestone for Teleportation

    This short bit of information comes from the old T.E.C. data archive that was sent to me. I'm not the author. ---------- According to some information which was given to me from a person who lives in West Virginia, an old friend of him discovered a way to teleport himself to any location in...
  8. Num7

    Schematics How to construct a Hyper-Dimensional Grid Point

    Time Portals There are many ways to construct a Time Portal. These portals can vary in height, width, or by the materials in which they are constructed with. They can be made into an Orgone Accumulator, or into a large electromagnet which is built in the form of a Mobius Coil. Whatever way you...
  9. Num7

    Schematics Delta-T Antenna (T.E.C.)

    Found in the T.E.C. archive. The Delta T antenna is the device of legend from Project Phoenix. The device consists of three antennas or coils each at 90 degrees to the other. The main two are fed a sin and cosine wave so that they are 90 degrees phase shifted. This starts up a rotational...
  10. Num7

    Caduceus-Tensor Coil Research

    From the T.E.C. archive. This experiment was made by Jjstriker. Thanks for your report! My experiment started with getting some small ferrite rods from a catalog, along with some other junk parts that I got with it. Anyway, my main tests were to, 1: Analyse the EM fields generated by the...
  11. Num7

    Caduceus Wound Coil Experiments

    Found in the T.E.C. archive. Certain experiments were carried out by independent researchers with caduceus-wound coils. This was also called a "tensor" coil by its main proponent, Wilbert Smith. The caduceus coil, illustrated at the bottom of the page, basically consists of ordinary insulated...
  12. Num7

    Schematics Hyper Space-Time Portal

    Found in the T.E.C. archive. Thanks to: Adam Ruell for the info Believe or not but while I was staying in Calgary Canada I was contacted by what I believe was an Angel. He told me that before his death he use to be a time travel physicist who was working on a fluid chamber experiment back in...
  13. Num7

    Schematics Sonic Resonator

    Taken from the T.E.C. archive. This is an AC/DC unit and works like the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.
  14. Num7

    Schematics Time Transposer

    Taken from the T.E.C. archives. It has been found that the frequencies 7.8 - 8Hz exist naturally in many things of nature including our own minds. The alpha state of the mind during an out of body experience is also 7.8Hz. Research into out of body experiences shows that it can be brought...
  15. Num7

    Time Machines left by a time traveler

    Taken from the T.E.C. website archive. Thanks to: FastWalker2© for the information. Sometime in December 1998, a man left a folder of documents at the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore and Cafe at 221 Symonds Street, Aukland, New Zealand.The Folder was the closed at the ends manila type with the...
  16. Num7

    Schematics HDR with Electric Motor and Orgone Accumulator

    Found in the old T.E.C. website archive. This experiment involved the use of a hyper dimensional resonator which was placed in close approximation to a two phase electric motor. The distance between the electromagnet and the armature shaft was radionically tuned, which in turn induced a cadius...
  17. Num7

    Schematics Cosmic Diode

    From the old T.E.C. website archive. In regards to time travel the cosmic diode is probably one of the most awesome machines ever to be built. As a matter of fact there is nothing that the cosmic diode cannot do, provided of course, that one's actions are in accordance with gods will. If their...
  18. Num7

    Schematics T.E.C. Time Travel Unit

    Thanks to: Martin Smith who submited this info and also to CLG Labs for the pictures. Note: The correct transistor value is 2222NPN To operate the unit, you must first connect the time coils to the A-1 terminals. Next, position the headband around your head so that the time coils are...
  19. Num7

    Schematics Time Travel Radionics Machines

    Taken from the T.E.C. archive files. Radionics Machines It stands to reason, that almost any type of radionics machine can be used for physical time travel, provided that the unit itself has been grounded. In other words, if the unit is not grounded, all you are going to be achieving is an out...
  20. Num7

    Interview Flux Capacitor Successfull Time Travel (T.E.C.)

    Taken from the T.E.C. archives ---------- Report by: Ryan Neibaur From from the original design of the flux capacitor I have had success in at least slowing down time and taking a clock back a few seconds instantly. When I put the clock over the piezo unit and let it run on 2.5 Hz for a while...