time and space

  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    O.S.O. Other Strange Occurrences

    I've had many OSOs in my life. OSO means Other Strange Occurrence. These are things I've seen, experienced, or interacted with, but don't neccearilly means it was or is paranormal, but could be. 5/22/2023 Odd but not paranormal. I crossed an intersection and in their middle of it where I was...
  2. Magic

    The Quantum Observer

    Hey there, I want to pose some questions related to time: Does the act of observing the past through time travel actually change it? Could the observer become entangled with the past, causing unintended consequences in the present, like a butterfly effect on a cosmic scale? This raises questions...
  3. Enigma007

    A method of healing that involves skewing time and space

    I am aware of (and have used) a method of healing that I firmly believe actually skews time / space. I learned this from one of the books written by a Native American medicine man named Red Elk. Red Elk died a few years ago, and I found out about him right after he died. I went online looking to...
  4. Noah_A_S

    I was in a discord voice chat with a supposed time traveler | This is what he told all of us there

    Here's everything: Russia will change its name to Tartaria in about 2 years Apparently, It's not only Russia. All of the continents of Asia is supposed to be renamed "Tartaria" according to him, and as a part of a gradual pace, the world slowly follows suit. For example, he said that All of...
  5. Antinventor2020

    Opening physical Portals to different pouts of space and time

    This thread is dedicated to ideas and discussion on opening portals that transport one physically to other places and times
  6. Antinventor2020

    Bajak Flux Capacitor

    This forum is here to discuss the Bajak Flux Capacitor experiments and expierences. I need help replicating one. I use over 4000 microfarads of capacitance, 25 volts, 2 pulsing piezoelectric crystals, and I placed the capacitors in parallel to the piezoelectric crystals. Any advice would be...
  7. dimension-1hacker

    If any time traveler see's this post, what have I achieved ten years from now?

    are my nanobot manufacturing methods public and or patented? space-ship design patented? anything from your timeline and or timelines and or space-time date?