time machine

  1. Antinventor2020

    Schematics Time Travel Schematics and Discussion

    This thread is dedicated to the sharing of time dilating circuit schematics and the discussion. If you are to post a schematic, your post must have three parts -the schematic -Evidence the schematic does something, like footage -an explanation of how it works Thank you
  2. Catchorrero Sagaz

    could someone give me schemes of the simplest time machine?

    I would very much like it if it helps me to make a simple time machine without being the hdr. I live in Brazil, so it is difficult to understand the construction of HDR. if you can give me a pdf of a time machine construction, I would appreciate it very much
  3. dimension-1hacker

    If any time traveler see's this post, what have I achieved ten years from now?

    are my nanobot manufacturing methods public and or patented? space-ship design patented? anything from your timeline and or timelines and or space-time date?