time travel to the past is possible

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  1. Help

    Marshal Barnes

    Has anyone heard where Marshal Barnes' experiments could be taking place? I've only seen claims of his studies but I haven't seen anything on his location or where his lectures take place. I follow him on Twitter/X but I he hasn't been posting much related to his research.
  2. Help


    I’m desperately trying to Time Travel back to March of this year, if anyone knows how to do this or has a time machine (even a prototype!) that they’re working on please tag me , I’m willing to drive to you, I live in Washington state.
  3. Aone

    Why The Movie Deja Vu Revealed The Truth About Time Travel

    This is a really interesting video regarding time travel and how, more than likely, the government is already travelling back in time to promote their agendas. I'm not sure if I agree with everything, but it seems logical. Old movies and TV series often showed and still show things that were...