time traveler

  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Time Travel Question 2

    What is the proper response to somebody who has had three people come up to him claiming they were time travelers from their past visiting their future now in 2024? They claimed they came from the past and one of them claimed they were from as far back 1971, but was only supposed to time travel...
  2. FriazaHyuga

    Confirmed Hoax Black car time machine

    Scotland has at least one black car time machine used to time travel unwell people from (for example) 2010 to 2020. The purpose being to take them to a mental hospital. I don't know why. In 2008 during school time of year and mid April 2020 I rode those black car time machines to go to...
  3. ApexTV

    Time Traveler Claims to Have Visited India in The Year 2060

    Hey Paranormalis, it's been a long time! We recently recieved an audio file from a man going by Darryl Dean (he has also sent us audio recordings in the past) and this time in it he tells about what the supposed future of India is in the year 2060. Here is the video... Basically he claims...
  4. Krishna369

    Can anyone help me to build time travel??

    Email me please [email protected] Please send me proofs design or future past
  5. Noor

    What do you think of this?!

    Have anyone heard about the time traveler from 2075 ? Micheal Phillips he calims that he is a time traveler , in a video on YouTube he talked about the world war 3 that will happen in 2020 and other things ,the video was posted in February 2018 Since links are not supported search it on...
  6. ApexTV

    I'm a Time Traveler But Nobody Believes Me

    What do you think about Mason's story? Is he an actual time traveler from the year 2063 and do you think he should come forward with his alleged time machine?
  7. Unidade C204

    John Titor

    vocês ainda acreditam no John Titor? A terceira guerra mundial de 2015 não aconteceu graças a diferença da nossa linha do tempo para a dele.