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  1. Beholder

    Can there only be one Victor?

    Lets's assume that a mad person named Victor in the future will eventually build a working time machine capable of visiting alternative timelines and universes similar to the old action movie "The one", just because anything that can happen will happen with all the alternatives. Will this Victor...
  2. Noah_A_S

    Lone Survivor - Video Of Time Travel or a Pocket Dimension W/ Link From 2021 to 2027

    From the description of the video: > (REAL UNEXPLAINABLE FOOTAGE) Man from Valencia Spain travels to the future and is trapped in 2027 with no signs of life. Basically, a man known only as 'unicosobreviviente' (Spanish for 'lone survivor') wakes up in a hospital and seems to be the only person...
  3. Noah_A_S

    This could be Alexander TT's Twitter

    This link leads to a Twitter channel owned by someone, who seems to be Alexander TT, a time traveler from the year 2048. I haven't yet gone through the Alexander IRC chat logs, so I don't know what they say. But it looks like the same guy. Have a look. The Twitter is in active now, for a while.