1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    🚨 A.I. Might Put UFO Community At Risk 🚨

    Do you think that in the near future that artificial intelligence will become so realistic that FAKE UFOs that look more real than movie UFOs will be used to fool the public and put them in the mindset that UFOs are NOT REAL or ALL HOAXED which will lead to heavier ridicule and scrutiny of REAL...
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    (Data Dump) UFOS, Bizarre Stuff, and More!

    UFO and Alien Experiences, Dreams, or Everything Else Unusual (Data Dump) Post your UFO or alien experiences or dreams. This is the subjective personal experiences forum so please be tolerant of all views. PLAN: I want to post as much information in this thread for others to publicly have...
  3. AnthonyGiarrusso

    O.S.O. Other Strange Occurrences

    I've had many OSOs in my life. OSO means Other Strange Occurrence. These are things I've seen, experienced, or interacted with, but don't neccearilly means it was or is paranormal, but could be. 5/22/2023 Odd but not paranormal. I crossed an intersection and in their middle of it where I was...
  4. AnthonyGiarrusso

    🚨 Airplane UFO In Malaysia Disappeared Like Drone UFO I Witnessed in Florida!🚨

    Airplane Video Link: Drone Video Link: Drone Disappears In Night Sky In White Light
  5. Noah_A_S

    So has anyone seen the news that the new classified report to congress says that only half of all UAPs/UFOs can be properly explained? EXCLUSIVE: New classified report to Congress says only HALF of UFO sightings can be properly explained, leaving nearly 200 mysteries unsolved – as critics say...
  6. Noah_A_S

    Bob Lazar Video Collection That Was Shared With Me

    UFO & Related Videos (Bob Lazar) – Google Drive It speaks for itself
  7. Noah_A_S

    11.10.21 Our Future in Space: Ignatius Forum

    11.10.21 Our Future in Space: Ignatius Forum - Going Live Very Soon (15 minutes) Enjoy
  8. Noah_A_S

    Thoughts On Project Titan?

    referring to this