1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Website For Posting Videos

    Are there any paranormal /UFO video specialty websites where I can post my testimonies that will be seen by the paranormal / UFO community? Youtube, Rumble, and Odysee have been flops. I feel like I must share my information and go against the grain of skeptics, but I need an audience to do...
  2. Noah_A_S

    Bob Lazar Video Collection That Was Shared With Me

    UFO & Related Videos (Bob Lazar) – Google Drive It speaks for itself
  3. Antinventor2020

    Videos and Recordings of Supernatural Entities

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of videos and recordings of supernatural entities. I must advise the posters on this thread not to publish fake videos and threads. This thread, honestly, likely wouldn't get many real videos/recordings, if any at all. Still, I have decided...
  4. Antinventor2020

    Videos on the John Bajak Flux Capacitor in action

    If anyone has a video of a Bajak Flux capacitor in action, slowing down or speeding up a watch per day, please post the link here. Thanks
  5. E

    US Navy confirms recent UFO videos are real and should have not been released to the public

    The Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real Joseph Gradisher, official spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, told The Black Vault, an online repository of secret and otherwise classified documents, that the Navy "designates the objects contained in these...