‘Sasquatch’ Sighting in Washington

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Apr 20, 2011
Wash. — A man in Washington says he saw a Bigfoot creature.

The Lewish County resident says he was using a game call when the biped showed up.

“I was using my car as a blind. I tried not to move, sitting in my car,” the eyewitness said on the BFRO about the recently reported sighting, which apparently took place in November 2013 at around 11 a.m..

Reportedly, the man was looking at the rear view mirror when the cryptid came out behind a tree.

“I saw a Sasquatch peak, about 60 feet away.”

He says the creature watched him for about 30 seconds, then walked to to a different tree.

“I don’t think he could see me well because of the black tinted window and shady light,” he said.

The Washingtonian says that even he couldn’t see the being’s face, he is still able to recall other physical features.

“It kept its arms at its side when it walked. It must have been about 6 feet tall. Black hair and walked on two legs.”

In 2015, a motorist said he saw a similar creature crossing a busy road just outside of Spokane, Washington.

In 1996, a 911 dispatcher responded to a call made by a frightened caller out of the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington. The call prompted immediate action from the authorities, who after investigating the area weren’t able to find any evidence of the animal.

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