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I've been reading everywhere, not just "News", but tons of places. That 2005/2006, is the final years of the NWO push. And if you take 7 years, off of the Mayan Calendars "ending", you get 2005. *NOTE* (I believe that 7 years dung, to be the Bible's doing*)

And if you look at the tensions of the world, you'll realize that this is seemingly going to happen.

Iran/Russia are teaming up against the United States and Israel.

Russia/China are teaming up. (That there is a deadly combo to the USA)

Russia/China/No. Korea are teaming up.

The Japanese citizens, are getting mad that their government isn't doing anything with their surroding communist neighbors.

The United States is getting hostile with Iran.

The United States is getting hostile with Syria.

IMO, the only way to avoid WWIII right now, is to not lay a finger on Iran.

In a shortway, to put long. We are doomed.

Russia is preparing for something, and I can assure you that it is NOT from the Beslan attacks.

Because if you look at what they said to the USA, "The USA is trying to spur revolution in Moscow territory" Putin, said something relavent. The new President of the Ukraine, is Pro-Western.

If you can't smell the hell thats cookin', then I'd highly reccomend reading the news, and other various topics.

And yet, if you also see something. That Tsnumai that killed 23,000+ people, just Sunday. And Mt. St. Helens making a new lava dome, that is going to soon burst as big as ever. All of the Ring of Fire, awakening. If this isn't a sign from mother earth, then I'll be damned.

The only thing that you can bet on and win every time is by betting on change. Not all change has to be doom for everything. The first step in any new direction always resembles catastrophy due to our perspective and resistance to change, but that's Human nature. Sometimes it looks as if all hell is going to break loose and it does not. On the other hand, things can look just peachy keen and you find that your back yard if chock full of gators that haven't snacked in a month. Nothing like adventure is there?

The bottom line is Regardless of what spiritual path you follow, Soul is Eternal. Following the logic leads us to the fact that Death is impossible. So the worst case is we wind up with a new set of rules with a new set of 'problems' to solve and evolve in a new place.

The two most powerful words that I have ever encountered are: So What. Regardless of whethere it's a statement or in a question format, that particular viewpoint as a reference point, can free one from many a mental cul de sac.
Rather than be the victim of a mental engram, would you agree it's better to have a choice in how things are viewed? I know I would. Viewing anything in a positive mode opens up more doors and posibilities than the negative aspect ever could.

With all due respect Pyro, being saddled with thoughts of the end of the world at your age is counter productive to a fine mind like yours. Many a battle, that seemed impossible, has been won with the torch of light held high and a positive outlook and direction than any equipped with naught but ckicken little's message of impending doom.

Had Santa been truly kind and wise, all of us would have found a 10 lb sack of salt under the tree.

Don't get me wrong, If the crap hit the fan and we had to check out, I'd be some pissed because I just recieved Tiger Woods 2005 for Christmas and haven't acheived level 34 yet, and what are the chances that Play Station is in business where most of us will be going for the next lesson? Yes Sir, some pissed.

But, So What?


Yes, and the End of the World is the single most predicted thing never to have happened.

Unless you count the time that the asteroid slammed into Cancun-- but, at the time, the inhabitants didn't have a clue beforehand.

Re: 2005

The mayans cant have an infinite calendar, it has to stop somewhere. The NWO probably doesn't really exist, and is just a theoritcal name given to them, even though they are just a group of inter-woven, fed-of-eachother corporate bastards. Also, Japan is forbid to have an army, so their government would need our help.