30 Day Raw Food Experiment


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30 Day Raw Food Experiment

I'm tired of eating shit.

In watching some documentaries and taking a look at my daily eating habits, I'm disgusted. My diet consists of Taco Bell, frozen pot stickers, ramen, cookies and Wendy's.

I've wanted to start eating healthy for a long time, but being a single guy with a 60 hour a week job plus other irons in the fire... It's far too difficult (if not impossible) to set aside time to cook myself healthy, balanced meals.

But today I'm changing that. Starting today through Monday, August 16th I'll be on a raw food only diet. So, at the end of every day I'll do my best to post what I ate and how I'm feeling so far.

There is a detoxification stage with this kind of diet, so I expect to be feeling pretty shitty in a few days. Hopefully you guys can cheer me on :-)
Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

I went down to Target today and bought one of those fancy juicers that dude withe the crazy eyebrows sells on TV. Then I made a trip to Harris Teeter and bought a whole load of fruits, veggies, some cold-smoked salmon and a few organic condiments. My goal is to have at least a diet of 75% raw foods, so I had room to buy some artisan bread.

Fired up the juicer when I got home and threw in a nectarine, a plum, a bunch of blueberries and a banana. Found out later you aren't supposed to juice a banana, but it worked anyways.

The resulting concoction was delicious. For some reason I was expecting the kind of juice you buy at the store, but this was far richer and was actually fun to drink. That's all I've had so far and I feel pretty good. Far better than if I had a gordita and some jellybeans.

Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

I feel your pain Brent. As a diabetic I found it extremely hard to give up the foods I love for a more healthier diet. I recently found out that I am allergic to gluten...which sucks because I am an Italian and I love pastas and breads. So I gave it up. I now eat rice pasta..cream of rice instead of oatmeal and I avoid breads altogether. My GI tract can't stand the gluten and just eating like a couple slices of bread gives me the screaming shites. So I eat more veggies and fruits..and try my best not to eat those things which make my life harder. You can do it bro!!

Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

Day 1:

First day trying this, so far so good. Here's what I had:

Juiced a banana, handful of blueberries, a nectarine and a plum.

Half an orange, a slice of artisan bread with cold-smoked salmon, lettuce and tomato. Also juiced two carrots and the other half of the orange.

Lettuce wrap with red bell pepper, sliced onion, half a sliced tomato and a little cilantro. Juiced two carrots and the other half of the tomato.

All in all, it seemed to take about the same amount of time to prepare as my previous diet. I don't feel much different, but I do think I feel a little more alert than usual.

First day is always boring.
Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

Watch all the carbs in the fruit, but other than that good on oyu!

I'm in the same boat as Zeo, no gluten for me. I've found it actually forces me to eat healthier. My diet mainly consists of lean meats, steamed veggies, rice, and fruit when I can. I actually find I rarely get fast food anymore as it does not fit into my lifestyle. I'm glad your doing this, it will help flush your body of all that crap that's been built up.

Try some luke warm water with some lemon juice in the morning, it helps get things 'moving' and it's often used in cleanses.
Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

Alright so it's 1:46 AM and I'm hardly tired at all. I wonder if the surge of actual nutrients is going to screw up my sleep cycle... Usually by now I'm curled up in bed watching Kirk and Spock argue with Romulans and drifting off to sleep.
Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

Day 2:

Alright, day two is over! Here's what I had:

Juiced a peach, nectarine and a lime. Didn't think to peel the lime (duh) so it was a little bitter, but a packet of stevia fixed that. Spread the leftover pulp on a slice of bread.

Juiced a green apple and an orange (which I remembered to peel). Ate a red apple, a plum and a slice of artisan bread.

Warmed (not cooked) a portabello mushroom. Brushed a little virgin olive oil on it with various spices mixed in. Put it between a couple slices of bread with half a sliced tomato and lettuce. I normally have a major aversion to mushrooms but this was delicious.

Mushed up a couple bananas in a bowl with a packet of stevia and some vanilla extract. Added a handful of raspberries and blueberries.

I was feeling a little weird after breakfast, sort of a headache and then a weird feeling in my gut. I'm wondering if it's the beginning of detox, or I was just too retarded to peel the lime. Probably the latter. Haven't had to go number two yet. :o

Regarding the detox period... Does anyone have resources on whether this is actually a myth or not? Someone on ATS (where I also have a thread about this) said it's a blood-sugar thing, but every raw foods community I've visited states it as fact. I don't doubt my body will react to the sudden change of diet but it's nice to be prepared.

Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

Seriously, I should make some efforts because I eat fast food too often and I know it.

Perhaps this thread is going to inspire me to do something about my eating habits. I hope so.
Re: 30 Day Raw Food Experiment

I should point out that I've really been under-eating the last couple of days. I did a calorie count for today and it came in at a little under 800... Definitely need to be in the 1200 to 2000 range.

To be fair though anything you learn-by-doing is going to start out rough. I need to add some more nuts and maybe an avocado to the mix.