30 year old bearded guy in School Class for 15 year olds!


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Feb 8, 2015
Here is the "unmasked" picture of the guy trying to act as a 15 year old boy in a UK school, that i showed in my opening posting of this thread :ROFLMAO:..
The one thing that concerns me most is that there must be many many more people in our schools posing as younger pupils, but i have that nagging fear of a media shut down being brought about under the pretence of, " not wanting the disturbance of social cohesion to take over in our schools and society :mad:..

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Apr 29, 2018
I would say it is definitely possible that this is happening on a wider scale but with examples like this fool...they aren't exactly hiding it? or covert lol

Hell if I was a parent and saw that "kid" at the school play, science fair, class concert, pta night, or whatever I'd start asking some serious questions.

Wouldn't you think that safety mechanisms such as teachers, parents, students, janitors, coaches, any any other misc. staff would all be kind of suspect of someone rolling up into a school looking like that? Goes to show us just how unaware society is.

How can a mistake like this even happen? It is allowed to go unchecked by the people who have the responsibility to do just that, check it out. Unless the "kid" has that rare disease where you age fast I just can't see how something this big slips past so many people.

Any person with half a brain would know that is an adult....the problem may very well be this politically correct bs that is being forced on us.

_________ shaming? A buffet of crap you can pick to fill in that blank.

So is simply inquiring about some creepazoid who clearly looks in his 30's, unreasonable?

I give up lol