36 super lodges that rule the world

Aug 1, 2016
I know that there are a lot of conspiracy theories. But I think this could be true.

High grade free mason and Grand Master Gioele Magaldi decribed in world’s most important book that went under the public radar, that 36 Super / Ur Lodges rule the world. They were discovered 2014. Magaldi spoke with four other high grade masons, who are members / founders of certain Super Lodges, in his book “MASSONI”.

Hathor Pentalpha |

For example is Erdogan in the same lodge as Al Baghdadi (The Head of ISIS) and both Bushes (George and George W.). They all try to extend the war in Syria and Iraq. Bush destabilized the Middle East and Erdogan tries to attack the Kurds of Syria that fight ISIS (they are also the allies of the USA).

Erdogan also said he helped the rebels in Syria and that without him the rebels would have been defeated. The rebels fight against Assad. Without the rebels the syrian government wouldnt be so weak and could easily defeat ISIS in my opinion.

That are all conclusion that they could work together.
They should not try to overthrow government because that is the reason for the refugee crisis and the radicalisation of islam.

What do you think about the book?