A Case of Bilocation


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A Case of Bilocation

There is a phenomenon rarely experienced known as "bilocation", or "doppelganger" where one person can be in two places at the same time.
I once knew someone that had told me about 2 incidents in her life where she apparently experienced "bilocation". I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to personally witness another case of her bilocation, but I did.

On November 11, 1993 she went to Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern, NY for a problem she had been having. Due to the fact that this was a Medicaid case, the doctor on duty said that she could not help her. Frustrated by this hospital, I met her there and we went back to my house. I sat watching TV but my friend kept saying she had no energy and couldn't keep her eyes open. She kept saying that she felt "so tired". She layed down on the sofa and soon fell asleep. It was only 10:00pm and she was a notorious "night owl" seldom going to bed before 1-2:00am, so this was very unusual for her.
The next day, she was in so much pain that I took the day off and went to another local hospital with her, Nyack Hospital. After talking to the triage nurse, she was taken into emergency for tests and diagnosis. I waited about 45 minutes and decided to go in to see her. She was very animated and amused to tell me that she kept meeting people in the emergency room who seemed to know her. They would say, "Oh! You're back!" "How are you feeling today?" She realized that they had seen here there the night before but I know that she was with ME sleeping on my sofa the whole time! At that moment, a nurse told her that she had to go upstairs for a test. When she came down again, she was laughing and whispered to me that another nurse recognized her in the elevator and another upstairs. When she was released at 10:45pm that evening, we walked through the emergency waiting room. She waived to a security guard standing off to the left side of the room. He waived back. She whispered that he was one of the people that recognized her from the night before. I took the opportunity to question him immediately.

"My friend said that you saw her here last night?" He immediately replied, "yes". He said that she had been there between 10:30-11:30pm the night before. "She even wore the same denim shirt the night before". We went home and talked about it late into the evening. She remembered feeling a strong sense of disassociation the evening before. Looking at her body and feeling separate from it. A "heavy feeling", especially her limbs. We discussed the possibility of her double coming form a "parallel world". I thought about getting the hospital emergency room records from the night before but there was no way to know if a double had come into OUR world or we visited her double's world, so their might not be a record of her the previous night. I'm not sure this information can be made public anyway.
By the way, the next night she was back in the hospital with an accute infection (from steriods given during a back operation weeks before). The doctor admitted her immediately and put her on the critical list with several antibiotics. He said that if she had waited another 24 hours, she would have died from the infection. So maybe the bilocation was caused by the severity of the threat to her life and a double from another parallel world came into this world to help save her life because all other doubles of her would be affected by her death. Also, the other cases of bilocation that she had were not under life-threatening situations, so they had a different cause.
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btw, i am familair with long island, NY and good samaritan hospital is junk.

they killed my friend's father and when i went there with food poisoning b/c i was throwing up violently, my body actually healed itself before the admitted me in the emergency room.

i sat in the waiting area so long, i started to feel better and i eventually got up and walked out, and went home.

then they charged me for it !!!!!! :angry:

sorry, didnt mean to hijack the thread, your story just got me thinking about that time :)