A certain way many players cheat on video games by “time travel”!


Junior Member
Dec 12, 2018
There are certain video games I play that not only botting goes on but many players “time travel”. I do not condone nor engage in this type of behavior nor am I judging these ppl. What they do is change the clocks on their iPads/iPhones/pc into next day or several hours later and their crops are grown or their “workers “ are done like some crops take five hours to grow. Some “crew members” take 12 hours to complete a job, etc.

Now some games are correlated to the clock so it works in those instances. Once the players have set the clocks ahead, they harvest the crops and collect the materials or treasures from the workers. Then they reset the clocks to the correct time thus meeting the deadlines. Plus these ppl have tons of game money.

I have a feeling this is a bannable offense on these games just like botting, Me-I like to play an honest game and not “time travel”. I am not a rat but there are players who want to rat these ppl out.