A Demon Cat And The United States Senate

It would seem from legend and word of mouth, there is a "demon cat" stalking the basement near the Catafalque Storaage Room, and can be sometimes heard "caterwauling" that can be heard ecohing through the daamp corridors there. In 1862 and aagain in 1898, Capitol guards shot at a large, well to be more accurate, a cat that had swollen to the size of an elephant. In the 1950s a guard came across the demon cat and watched in terror and amazement as it swelled to thhe size of a tiger, then simply vanished into thin air. Over the years, such encounters with the ferocious feline(nicknames "D.C.") have portended unpleasant events for the nation. Supposedly "he" was very lound and unsettled the day before the late President John F. Kennedy left for Dallas, Texas and his assination.
Demon cats and dogs have been around for so long it's foolish not to consider their existence and consequences. I've heard of this before, but you've given more detail on it than I previously heard.

Oh, well, I got this in typed form from a member of the Senate , old family friend. Has a great looking daughter.

Actually, the "CAT" has relocated itself and is not serving as Chief of Staff at the White House. Needed "something' there that the Donald really can talk to and not worry about "it" leakin' their comments to the press.