A Firestorm Over Wildfires


Junior Member
Jul 27, 2020
Some say that recent wildfires in the western US have been caused by leftists.

Others say that this is not the case, and that climate change is the real culprit.

It makes one long for the good old days when such fires were caused by careless campers or by Mother Nature's lightning, does it not?


Temporal Engineer
Dec 24, 2004
I was out running under the stars during the morning the fires started in North Bay California. It was definitely lightening. This phenomena rarely happens at all where I am. But it was a full fledged lightening storm. And it lasted for several hours. The fires were definitely started by lightening this year. And you wont hear this by the news media. But this wildfire season has put more carbon emmissions into the atmosphere than all the emissions by mankind over the last 100 years. Yet the blue state I live in refuses to accept responsibility for the devastation. They are calling it climate change initiated due to President Trump. Despite the fact that they passed laws making it illegal to manage the forests.