A Prediction For The British


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My sister saw this one coming, too. I saw this one several years ago, but kept quiet until she said something a few weeks ago. Now, I think I'll post because in April William will be getting married to a commoner.

William will be allowed to do this because the crown worked too hard to get this prince and will not deny him. (Diana's family is from the true blood line of the kings of England--Holy blood Holy Grail stuff.) However, in the long run we have seen that Harry will be the one to eventually sit on the throne. Harry is a Merovingian, red haired. And that is the bloodline the royals follow. If you have a bit of a problem following, review the War of the Roses. There were two young princes who died mysteriously, too--heirs to the British throne. There are usurpers lurking about always. And if this confuses you, review the story of Diana and you'll figure it out.
Interesting prediction Jasper. I'm glad you posted it for the record. :)

Hi jasper moon:

Thanks for the prediction you gave us.

Back in 2001, 10 years ago, I told people to buy silver when it was $5 an ounce. I said it would go over $20 that decade; also, in the next over $100 / oz. Debunkers said we are not going to use silver anymore. That is because we are leaving film and going to digital cameras. Then in 2008 it did crash from 20 to 8 and they said "Oh see, silver was a bubble and you were wrong." I did not sell any. OK now it is $35/oz so they claim they always knew silver was going up. That said, they did not buy a single ounce.

I have been buying silver for some time now. There are dips, but the general trend is up. I cannot tell you the reason. This is what I can tell you. Back in 2001 I was doing remote viewing. I saw trouble ahead for many companies. Inside of a blockbuster store I saw a lot of empty boxes, but no movies.

Also, inside of a borders bookstore a lot of junk, but no books did remain. Also, in the future many malls were gone. People did blame the internet. For example, reading ebooks, or downloading movies. However, part of the problem is people have less money.

Fact is, you can watch for free an internet movie. Also, many ebooks are available at a cost of zero. This, I believe is the real reason.

When I made these predictions in 2001 I still remember a debunker laughing at me. He said "Like everyone will have optical fiber, a $1000/mo T1 line, and a $20,000 power pc to watch movies."

When I was time travelling through 2001 there were already plenty of affordable computers capable of watching movies. Where were you?
Well, if that prediction ever comes to happen, you'll be surprised and you'll remember someone posted about it on here uh!

HDRKID, I hear you on that one and I remember some predictions you made about silver and gold going up. I can't say you were wrong, but I know most people would say it was obvious. The price/value of everything goes up: cars, salaries, gold, gasoline, currencies go up and down too, etc. At least you didn't predict it would crash, because it obviously didn't go down on the long run. I went up since a decade, yeah. I'd like to imagine you saw it in the future, but it'd be too easy. :(

Too bad you didn't predict the Dow Jones going down last year. Or did you ? I can't remember now.
I never say anything is etched in stone. I just give you my predictions to put them out there for the record. ( I want to prove Randi wrong now, very badly.) If it comes to pass it comes to pass, if not, William will be the king to the end. But if he is king to the end, he will be England's last king. There's another prediction for you.

And how's this for a prediction that may or may not come to pass. Mumsy, the Queen, will pass Charlie by and install William has England's next king. Done and done and this is not etched in stone either.
And how's this for a prediction that may or may not come to pass. Mumsy, the Queen, will pass Charlie by and install William has England's next king. Done and done and this is not etched in stone either.
That's pretty much a given. Charles is married to Camilla, a divorcee (then a widower second, "in the eyes of god"), who can never truly be queen, so Charles really can't go to the throne if he plans to take Camilla with him. The Queen would not allow it I don't think.

Peter Schiff says things will get a lot worse. This guy has been telling people to buy gold, but the problem is that gold is getting expensive. Well, this is not good for us. Understand that on most timelines gold hits 2000 in 2012. Only on few is it under 2000 in 2013.

Traders are saying 2500 by the end of this year. Like that is too high for us. It could crash bad if it goes too high too fast, but we will see. Short term it is too high, but long term we are OK now. Please remember that gold went from 1000 to 800 super fast and it took a while to climb back to 1000, but time will tell us.

What is keeping gold up is panic. There is no reason. Yeah, no reason for this much panic. It is very expensive. Please remember that gold was approx $400 in 2005. China has been buying a lot of gold, but they could start selling soon.

Here is some positive new. Oil is going down now. That means less inflation for us. All commodities are getting hit, but some are going to go down massive. Folks, we are in a semi recession now.