A three year LOA


where the wild things are
Its interesting to see after leaving in 2020 a 37 page thread devoted to one individual that has gone off the radar. It shows how meaningful and important this member is to this community. But the flip side is it shows that I am quite the opposite. I left for three years, returned to not a peep about me. No "Where's Khaos?" I searched my username and only found one mention from 2021 by @Mayhem in regards to a post in a topic I had made years earlier. @BlastTyrant mentioned to me in the Discord that when they took an MIA that others reached out, checking on them

During my three year absence - nobody reached out to me. @Num7 has my email address. He had the generousity to reach out to TF and BT, but couldn't do the same for me?

This development gives me pause. It makes me wonder what BlastTryant's and TimeFlipper's worth and value to this community are and where that differs with me

Where did I go wrong? Or what I have yet to do right?