About Chronograph / Chronovisor / Chronoscope

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Jan 11, 2018

I did know about the chronovisor before. I have seen the machine like 3 years ago, not physically or from internet or anywhere else. But I knew that there was something like this. I started to investigate about "Chronoscope" but could not find anything in 3 years. Now today I look for it and find about it on youtube with only 1 video. Then I learn about the chronovisor and here I am now. Did not know about this forum or anything uthopic seems to me as time traveling etc.

But I know that the device's name is Chronoscope. The device works with high speed revolving discs with magnetic disruptors to bind the light to see some random frames from random time window. I have read about the hdr thing like 5 minutes ago and there is nothing similar with that. IMO that device only messes with the magnetic/electromagnetic field nothing else.

The device can only observe random time windows, you can not manipulate it.

I am only writing this to check if there are people who share the same fate as me. I thought that I was going crazy but now I see that there are things connect.

Also do not believe orgonite or some stuff. Quartz can be useful about energy but not about time travel or time visions.

Answer me asap guys.