Adventures in the Illusion of Time Travel

Max X

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Adventures in the Illusion of Time Travel

Time is an illusion, and does not exist

Time does not exist, yet as an illusion many interesting things can be done and adventures had that may lead into higher emotional progression, but still under the delusion.

I would say that traveling to past and future points in the arrow of time is actually very appealing to me especially if I am totally able of coming back home to the point on the arrow of time where I belong.

In some movies, and TV series like the Time Tunnel, movies like Back to the Future, and The Excellent adventures of Ted and Ed the writers have cleverly played with the idea of time travel in a very interesting way.

Al Bielek claims he was physically regressed by the aliens who runs Montauk Point Base in New York State from the age of 40 to a two year old toddler and then sent back in time from 1980 to the year 1927, and that later on in 1943 he was part of those who participated in the Philadelphia Experiment dealing with teleportation and time travel.

The weird story but supposedly true of Al Bielek adventures and of Montauk experiments on time travel is fascinaing yet sadly created by the dark aliens’ primitive desire to control everything in sight.