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Hi, I am not actually trying to promote another forum, but rather I am trying to promote the content I have posted here:

Basically the key to all this stuff, everything this forum is about is rooted in a combo of consciousness and aether physics.

So I have found how to use form to interact with the primarily fluid dynamical aether.

I have numerous forms, and I can explain the dynamics.

These forms, this science is the key to Free Energy, Antigravity, Time Travel, Invisibility, Dimensional doorways and more.

Obviously I'm not there yet, but they keys to this science, a means to affordably explore it (only necessary cost is time) and to get feedback as these images and coils will produce tangible sensations of increasing intensity.

Here is one such image, it should work best when displayed on a vertical orientation (like a TV screen or monitor or printed and put on a wall).


If you make a stop gesture with your hand, palm flat to the center of the image and move your hand toward and away from the image, you will likely feel a sensation.

Do you feel it?