Aliens are breeding with humans college instructor says

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The out-product can be flakey. They're mixing Grays aliens into human children and this act gives them weird behavioral patterns. A lot of their behavioral patterns do not make any sense and their wanting to live longer in some cases is diminished.

I know that this sounds cruel, but at 14 they should be sent to Paris Island and trained to be US Marines. That kind of fu*kin hell to go through, usually saves them. It pushes the Gray's side of them back and allows for better key decisions made.

I had a kid with a slice of Gray in him and at times, he was apt to make unsound weird decisions. He just got by in school, but on the other hand he could pick up totally wild animals. So there's give and take on the issue.

*I'm not saying to make your kid a war hawk, but it seems that good old basic training and learning to be able to depend upon your fellow human helps.

The Grays being here, may have something to do with a factor known as the Great Attractor.


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