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From MUFON around the time of some of the reports I was hearing back in the 90's.

Elk River '92 Sightings:

A flurry or flap of UFO cases in the Elk River area occurred around
the time of October and November of 1992, although we have record of
one case going back to 1990 and some earlier cases. These cases got a
fair amount of local media attention at the time. Minnesota MUFON
held a public meeting in the library at Elk River on Nov. 7, 1992,
and a number of people recounted their experiences at this meeting.

The following are representative of those cases.

Elk River, MN
Thursday, Nov. 5, 1992, 6:30 PM
English/Spanish Trade Secretary/Interior Designer/Homemaker reported:
"Seated at my dining table watching TV, the south window was open
(without curtains), and in the field across [from] my house (houses
are separated by a lot of acreage), suddenly I saw a very, very long
quadrangular bright yellow, well defined big window, turned on, for
probably 4-5 seconds, meanwhile I thought, "NO, NOOO, this can not be
happening to me! I don't believe in UFOs!" and the light went off.
But, before my sighting, about 6:25 PM, there was a very low noise,
very loud, and I thought my furnace was going to blow up, I went to
the basement to check and my son was playing his music, so I thought,
this was probably an unusual song. I went back to the kitchen and
sat down to watch TV, when I had my experience. I also went outside

to check for people, snow blowers, cars, etc. Nobody.
This is a diagram of what I saw.

Elk River, MN
approx. October 1992?
Computer Programmer: "Both my kids reported seeing flying saucer-like
objects in our yard at night. My four year old reported seeing a
"flying skateboard that glowed in the dark" in our yard. My seven
year old said he saw one at about the same time that had lots of

lights and went slowly above the trees."



Witch Hunt

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Whether you believe in aliens or not, this video will not confirm your beliefs...but fom 18:00 to 19:30, it should give you some comfort.

The whole video is worth a watch but that minute and a half really cuts to the chase. I hope that if you watch it, you come away with a sense ease and wonder.



People look at too many TV shows and get confused, or choose to belief what they view.


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Aliens are angels but also demons, they are gods, and they fought for control of Earth for thousands of years... The question is, who won?