Aliens get drunk on lysol


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Jan 3, 2015
if you think about it the greys have a small slit mouth like a ticket dispenser on a vending machine or a condom dispenser machine so if they excrete fecal matter out of there skins they would need body size toilet paper to wipe there skinny asses and if they feed on nutrients applied to there skins for food like nutrients from cattle mutilations then it would make some sense in a way that maybe lysol would make then react in a way that would simulate human drunkenness on a cosmic scale , and for the size of there thin week bodies and if they excrete fecal matter through there skin they be like a walking grey rectum with the shits,lol now the part about them secreting through there skins think about that man who said on youtube he went down into a tunnel bored into the ground which broke into another secret tunnel where aliens was living and he said when they broke into that tunnel a big gush of the most smelliest foul air come rushing out so that would be there smelly skinny alien asses and that was before a fire fight broke out between them and special forces
I will think of this post every time I hear of someone drunkenly mistaking a Bidet for a drinking fountain. ;)