Am I aTime Traveler??????

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Oct 5, 2017
Hello I want to tell everyone why I am here.
When the Warmbeir thing happened in North Korea, I was watching the back and forth stuff with Trump and kin Jung Lee or whatever and started thinking about nuclear bombs. so I was following that story and thought to myself
When they detonated that nuclear bomb in the desert it attracted the aliens and we had the crash at Oswell.
So I started to lookup that case history and ran into the
lacerta files
. Then I as I was laying in bed reading all this alien stuff, I got a feeling in euphoria (I was sober lol)and everything I was reading was sorta like the domino effect, I kept looking for more and more and became fascinated. i Then started to read more and felt That I needed to tell someone that I have had really crazy experiences , in a dream state though i thought it seemed to real, Is seen colors, had smell and even smoke weed a few times in these dreams and felt the effect. but My situation has been with me for years, I actually remember visiting my father back in the early 60's . I wasn't born until 1967, but I went to my Mother and fathers home to explain I was his son and needed money that around in those days, because I had 2017 money and it did not changes to 60's money , therefore I offered him this future money in exchange and even told him him I was his son from the future. Of course he said get the
Get the F**k out of here......
and was very upset. Then I some how woke up in my bed in the present and was like
OMG what the hell was that all about
But I have hundreds of dreams about people who are dead and they seemed to be to vivid and real. I don't understand this nor did I ever believe in this stuff, but now I'm kinda like freaked out in a good way and have a sense of calmness about me and I feel this is something that was missing from my life. The last 3-4 months has been blowing my mind. I am finding all kinda of info everywhere. This is something i needed to say. It may be just dreams but after watching youtube etc... I'm not as skeptical anymore.