An Open Letter from Jarrod


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An Open Letter from Jarrod

We will start with:
A website devoted to Ascension and New Age Beliefs.
Funny, this one says just what I said last night: QUOTE, I Am That I Am.

What is the definition of Ascension? Asked_by Guess Who?
Ascension has a common meaning from the New Testament - the ascension of Jesus in the Bible.
Ascension in the Evangelical movement is the rapture, the advancement of humans into a state of union with God, what some Christian doctrines call Beatific Vision
Ascension in the New Age is the elevation of consciousness or the mind to perceive 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. This phenomena has been coupled with the 2012 movement.

No matter where you look when you put in the search words “what does ascension mean?”especially with the New Age movement, you get it to say: the ascension of Christ in the very top number one answer.
This is to all who are going to ask me about the future after last night. Last night was my final performance. In as I am just a little boy and can’t deal with grownups on the level you want me to, I am not going to be in your chats again until some of you grow up and smell the coffee.
I don’t care what you believe in or what religion you profess to acknowledge, the truth is I know the truth and I was speaking the truth last night. If you all pay any attention to these people who profess to be of the New Age Ascension Movement and say we are going to ascend into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, they are correct in so far as that we all must grow up some day. This planet is still in diapers as a bunch cry babies generally go.
They kill, they steal, just like Darth Vader did in that bank the other week, and they destroy. Please note the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You think Louisiana people are pissed, God is not too happy with that Tony Blair wannabee at the moment and he says good riddens to that man at the head of that company. Anyway, what went down last night was terrible, not only for me but my channel because she already had an encounter with a not too bright source of knowledge who lacks the wisdom of knowing when to shut her trap and keep it zipped.
There are more important things on this planet to deal with than arguing over who wants to be a millionaire and who wants to have a definition of ascension in their possession first before they give you the real scoop.
Numenorean7, I hope you do not shut up hdrkidII because I’m going to tell you the truth here, time travel exists. But it’s not that way. Go ask the CIA for how they do it. They’ve been doing it since 1948—after the Roswell crash.
UFOS exist, but who wants to meet scary aliens when you can meet all the scary humans you want right here on earth.
And for those who want their future’s read, I repeat. It is not set in stone until you make it your wish to be. If you want to ascend, all you have to do is do the right things, be the right kind of person, and love your fellow man. It doesn’t take a church to help you know this, but it does help some of you out there to go. I assure you. My channel has a friend who is a priest of the Methodist sect and she is a very nice person who has lived her words she speaks to her congregation every Sunday. She’s one minister you should all listen to.
I have a relationship with my God that you, Brent, poo pooed because you don’t believe in God. Well, one day you will find out for yourself whether he exists or not. But for now, know that he believes in you. And has given you the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t screw it up.
Now for the piece of resistance, as the French say, oui oui. You are now going to all have to wait until I’m good and ready to speak again through my jasper moon. Don’t ask because I’m not going to tell you anything until I know myself and am ready to depart with it.
And I am certain I won’t be winning a million dollars anytime soon because Randi is just a plain jerk and doesn’t have the million dollars to part with anyway.
So be it, we should not have to pay for living on a planet we were born on in the first place. You hear that everyone? We should be able to live on Earth free of the money chains. Also, and learn what we wish. If we want to be a doctor, we should be able to be a doctor. If we want to roll around in the gutter and be jerks, that, too.
And when you get rid of Obama, just make sure the next time you vote, it isn’t for Sarah Palin. She’s nuts.

Jarrod, over and out :cool:
Re: An Open Letter from Jarrod

I have a relationship with my God that you, Brent, poo pooed because you don’t believe in God.
LOL when was this? Check the chat logs, buddy. I said I didn't want to debate it with you because I didn't agree with you or the way you were approaching it. Your tone and tenor was condescending to say the least... And you're surprised I got defensive and refused to participate in a religious debate with you?

You say this Jarrod character speaks to you in your mind. The fact that he can't give anything but vague predictions and a whole lot of nonsense tells me you have some schizophrenic tendencies.

Just in case you're fuzzy on the subject, here's the chat from last night. I'm in green, you're in red and Num is in black:

Can you ask him about an ascension of global consciousness between the dates of October 28th 2011 and December 21st 2012?

Can you add 2 and 2?

Okay... WILL you?

okay. I will be climbing the ladder sometime in April of next year? Will you hold on to it for me?


it's a joke man I say it's a joke
Well. I know we don't have too many around here who have awakened yet.
It all depends if the indigo children are awakening them up.
he's not really into answering that one.
I think David wilcock talks a good game

OKay, thanks

I am not too hopeful on that one. And I am not either. How do you handle people who haven't a clue.
Are you hoping that you will go in the Rapture?

will you go in, or go out ?

Rapture has connotations of Christianity or some other organized religion. Is that what you're referring to?

Did you leave us Brent?
yes, he is
God and me are best friends, I have to tell you.

Why do you say that?

because we are!! that's why I say it!!! chuyaa!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so very happy for you.

Well, you could be too. But then I'd be very unhappy because God and me we go fishing alot and we talk alot and I stay over at his house alot.
oh and that ascension thing? do you really think that's going to happen? I mean there are a lot of people out there still in lala land.
We need to put a megaphone to their ear and shout HEY WAKE UP!

I'm talking about consciousness, not physical flying up to the sky with angels and shit ascension.

I'd rather talk about BP and the spill. Did you see where it's slowly moving toward Texas?

It's pretty clear you're in a mood to be an oddball until I leave. Enjoy your night.

oh, the big WAKE UP CALL. No that's not going t happen too many people are too asleep to ever wake up.

ok, I'm still here

You have to get used to jarrod's way of telling you things, ask Numenorean about that
Numenorean you have to gtell Brrent that it's just the way I am. and Tha'ts how I will give him answeres. But he's got to listen.
He doesn't believe in God does he?

Probably not your god.

that's the problem then. he doesn't believe God can have friends and good buddies.

My question had to do with spirituality, not religion. There's a difference. "Jarrod" said he didn't want to answer it... Why are you now trying to answer a question about religion that was never asked?

sprituality. Give me your definition of sprituality

Why would my definition be any different than yours that I would need to define it?
Are spirituality and Christianity one in the same for you?

I think I see what you're asking. Look. It's like i said. There are too many people in this world who could care less about what's really going on and what's really important.
These people will not make ascension. Ascension is for those who are ready to go into the 5th dimension and above.
These people who are asleep remain in the fourth dimension with fourth dimension cares. And they will not ascend, but descend into a different world.
We will be separated from each other eternally because they refuse to see the asthetic light in this world and get with it.
Is this the answer you were looking for Brent?
Are you enlightened and understand the important things of this world and the spirite world. Then you will ascend.
As for the time and place, that will be decided where and when you are at that time.
The earth is indeed changing and going into the next age. Are you afraid you will not make it to the next ageAA?

Everything you just said contradicts everything out there on this subject. I'm not sure you understand the branch of spirituality I'm referring to...
Why would I be afraid? I either will or I won't.

no I guess I don't that's why I asked for your definition. so I can see where you are coming from

If I need to educate you on the subject how could you then possibly give me an answer?

We all have different definitions of ascension. What do you see ascension as?
Ask me a question for your future you would like to know or learn about?

I'm referring to New Age ascension. The Law of One.

The Lord god is One.
What' do you wish to know about your future?
are you in college right now?
Jarrod is part Jewish as you can see by his answer. Do not get mad at his religious point of view. he is after all a little boy.
All right if you insist. I do not believe in new age ascension. But I do believe that we will all live forever and we will never die.

I'm not mad at all, I'm annoyed at the evangelical nature of your statements.

okay. I am not trying to convert you. I am showing you what I beleive
do you beleive in reincarnation?
do you beleive some people are on this earth right now who have never died?

I'm really, REALLY not interested in discussing religion with you, or hearing about yours. Not to sound like an ass, it just doesn't resonate well with me. I'm off to do something enjoyable. Have a good night.

numi are you there?
it is not religion I was talking about, but the truth. You cannot see it from there. You are angry because you see through a glass darkly, but then you don't like statements that show up in the bible.
I can't give you an answer of ascension because it means different things for different people.
It means a new life for some. For others it mean obtaining your dreams or goals you've wanting to all your life, but were held back
It means forgiveness for some, punishment for others who deserve it.
I don't know who you are, but if you are going to run like that everytime someone talks about God in any manner it only means one thing. stay and challenge the statements. I can debate them.
My last statements to you here are these, you want closure of some kind. You want to know if you will be worthy enough to make it.

I'm here

You have the power to make the ascension.
good, tell Brentnauer I do not try to convert people to a religion. I don't have to.

...You expecting him to send me a PM or something? LOL

tell him if he isn't in college already, to get him into a college. He will need to study some classes for a new job he will be unddertaking very He will argue he is already working and has a good job. don't we all. Take classes Brent. You need to sutdy philosophy more.

Oh my god I'm starting a new job next week. :rolleyes:

I'm going to let him sort these things out

Ascension isn't all that easy as that. It may come then, it may not. It depends on all of us here on theie earth and when we wake up and smell the freakin' coffee.
Don't tell me not ot joke any more like I do. If you don't wnt to have fun while learning something don't ask.
Tomorrow god and I are going for a long walk, You may want to ask him a question. He'll be listening and so will I.


Good night. You have your prediction. It's going to be a good job for you. Take some classes.

Eat some cheese?

make if muzzy sticks they melt in your mouth.

Sounds unnecessarily phallic

Goodnight guys jarrod has spoken and now numi post this for future reference. Bye until the next time.

You're not capable of starting a thread?
What future reference?
Where did I "poopoo" on your religion? That's a pretty bold claim in my eyes. One's faith isn't something you debate let alone mock. I imagine any reasonably sane individual would view that dialogue as you being pestering, evangelical and condescending and me reacting to it with annoyance and sarcasm. Of COURSE I'm going to get a new job some day, this isn't the 1940s where you work at one place your entire life. :rolleyes:

I don't necessarily agree with your personality or your claims but I've left you alone for the most part. However, don't claim that I'm bashing your religion without giving some evidence or reason. I don't appreciate it.

Tell Jarrod I said hey.

Re: An Open Letter from Jarrod

Randi does have the million dollars, and Jasper I'm sorry to say this, but those who say he does not have it are the ones that won't try simply for the fact is that they don't want to come to terms that they do not have any sort of paranormal gift.

Sylvia Brown said the same thing. She agreed on Larry King to take the challenge, and still hasn't. First she said she doesn't need the money, he said to do it to prove your gift. Then she said she didn't believe he had the money, he said I will put it in escrow with your good friend Montel Williams. And still nothing.

I'm open to discussion, I'm open to believing that some of us have gifts, and there is more to this world then what we simply see. I have dreams that come true all the time, but I do not understand it and that is why I'm here. To search for answers. But your last statement about the JREF now makes me see you as a fraud, like Sylvia Brown.

Do what you wish Jasper/Jarrod, if you don't want to participate you don't have to.

Re: An Open Letter from Jarrod

I think that some of the "Churches" out there might not have been as forthcoming as they could have. One of the most obvious ploys was revision of all those books and what could have been in them. Handing the congregation the answers they seek may not be a good investment as people eventually understand that they do not need to put coins into a basket or tithe in order to experience an enlightened state. You can only sell pie in the sky, by and by _ "salvation" to the people that refuse to learn to experience and grow for their own selves requirement.

"Salvation" is not for sale or ownership. No single path has a patent on the right way. All paths lead to Rome, eventually all will return to the place we once started from.

"Soul" was born with many gifts. Very much like a closet that has never been opened, you never know what's in there until you start looking.

I do question some of the concepts brought up as they do not resonate within me very well. Such as "We will be separated from each other eternally because they refuse to see the asthetic light in this world and get with it."

This makes no sense to me as ALL on the path home must pass the same way. While some are able to pass quickly and refrain from getting caught up along certain parts, every single one has to have the same curriculum. Any spiritual savant, great Soul, teacher, must learn the same things. Unless the experience of Spirit is Universal, it's useless as a vehicle to the source from whence we started from. Siddhartha, Jesus and any other you can name, ALL of them are on the path. They Still Are. The ONLY Difference is how long they have been on the path. We'll all pass the very same points that they have because it's part and parcel of what we/Soul needs to learn.

So, I seriously doubt that any of us will be separated "for ever and ever" unless one or both Souls agree that meeting up would be a terribly negative event.

Perhaps, it's the use of the term "Ascension"? I wonder if the understanding coincides with the concept of Raising One's Consciousness... To many times these sort of obstacles resolve to nothing more than semantics and you find you have been debating the very same stance for hours upon hours. It has been my experience that the hardest part of passing anything of worth depends on hammering out a usable vocabulary that all sides understand.
Re: An Open Letter from Jarrod

Perhaps, it's the use of the term "Ascension"? I wonder if the understanding coincides with the concept of Raising One's Consciousness... To many times these sort of obstacles resolve to nothing more than semantics and you find you have been debating the very same stance for hours upon hours. It has been my experience that the hardest part of passing anything of worth depends on hammering out a usable vocabulary that all sides understand.

This is exactly the problem, very well said.
Re: An Open Letter from Jarrod

That chat session seems like it was super awkward. Good time. I guess it's expected you'll have that when talking to someone's spiritguide..or something.

Jarrod sure came off like some kind of pretentious asshole. But JasperMoon always seems pretty nice. Might have ourselves a case of Me, Myself and Irene.