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Well, since this is the kind of forum where I could probably get an insightful, intelligent opinion from sharing my beliefs, I think I will. xD

I'm one of those Ancient Aliens nutters. I mean, full out - I think modern humans are the result of complex genetic engineering on the part of a highly advanced alien civilization that came to Earth looking for resources.

I could go into really, really deep detail about it, but the gist of the story is that on Nibiru (the Annunaki's home planet) there were succession wars over their throne, which eventually led to one brother trying to off the other.

The first brother failed, hops in a spaceship and bails, and eventually finds Earth which he promptly lands upon. After discovering that Earth has massive quantities of gold, he radios back with the information (tying to redeem himself and keep himself from being executed, likely) and Nibiru sends several expedition teams to retrieve large amounts of gold.

Gold is important to the Annunaki because of their planets delicate atmosphere. Their planet has a long, elliptical orbit around the sun, and the length of their orbit is 3600 years to their one year. The planet sustains life because of its highly active volcanoes, which spew debri into the atmosphere, which traps the heat and keeps the planet warm enough to sustain life.

Well, the volcanic activity had been slowing down for a while, and the atmosphere was thinning. Crops were dying, people starving, and war was being threatened to break out. Annunaki scientists decide that gold (an extremely rare material on their own planet) in powdered form added to the atmosphere could easily compensate for the atmospheric loss, so the discovery of large amounts of gold on Earth was a godsend.

The Annunaki expedition teams come to Earth, and for the first few Annunaki years (3600 years per Annunaki year) everything was fine. Then, Annunaki miners revolted against the leader of the mission, Enlil and refused to work. Enlil's half brother, Enki proposes to make workers out of the primitive creatures he has seen inhabiting what they call the Abzu (Africa). Enlil, after initial hesitation agrees to let Enki and Ninharsag (Enki and Enlil's half sister, and chief medical officer) to "tinker" with the species.

After several initial failures (resulting in crossbreeds that could not reproduce) Enki and Ninharsag work out a species that could reproduce, but apparently still retained the ability to copulate with the species before it. This could explain the disaproval of God before the Deluge. This species, essentially devolving itself back into the primitives before it, didn't suit the needs of the Annunaki very long.

Enki and Ninharsag get back to work, but this time, instead of just splicing different breeds of the humanoids together, they splice human DNA with their own, basically creating what we now know as modern humans.

The point I'm making with the genetic engineering part is that gap where there seems to be no evolutionary link - isn't empty. That's the timeline for this event.

Now, the Annunaki had already been through civil wars over slavery on their home planet, and decided that instead of enslaving this new race, they would teach it the essentials of civilization in exchange for the expected labor.

This resolved the labor problem, and also explains why Africa still has the largest gold mine known to man.

Now, I'm going to warn people - this next part could be interpreted as a racial thing, but it is nothing of the sort! These people (whom the Annunaki called the "black headed people") had dark skin. The Annunaki apparently noticed that they were also genetically compatible with these new humans. So...yeah. Apparently some of these alien types got it on with the new race of humans and bore children, which led to the introduction of the genetics needed to carry the white skin trait.

So the theory that Africa is the cradle of civilization is probably extremely correct, and that through interference of the sexual nature, the "gods" (as the humans called and treated them) created a sub race with a different skin colour. And as the gods spread around the world (looking for gold, amongst other things) establishing cities and warring with each other, these races spread across the world with them.

My favourite theory about the Giza Pyramids is that they were built by these gods as basically a fancy landing pad that goes across the Sinai peninsula. There are structures around the world, which mimic exactly the positioning of these pyramids, and found in regions where these cultures wouldn't have the ability to interact with each other.

It is also recorded in the Book of Enki that during the second Pyramid War, Marduk (the firstborn son of Enki) was sealed in the tomb of the Giza pyramid (to die) after going hostile against some of Enlil's sons, but released when Ninharsag and Enki diplomatically stepped in.

What I'm saying is, the Sumerians and even the Maya record these events. They have recorded these events and have treated it like the sacred history it is - and if it was completely made up, why would cultures that would have little contact share so much? Almost all cultures of the world share a story about the Deluge, about creation, and about the actions of the gods.

When the information gets so accumulated as to have reached a critical mass, it is impossible to ignore that we have a lot more to learn about our past than we previously thought.

If anyone wants to actually do some reading on the subject, I highly recommend the 12th Planet series of books by Zecheria Sitchin.
Since I don't know where better to put this (since if you follow the research about the Annunaki you'll find this is EXTREMELY related) than with my giganto-post on Ancient Aliens.

Okay, what I'm talking about is a substance known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, better known as "Orme" or by some of its ancient names - "Ormus", "Mannah/Mana", "Bread", and others that I do not recall.

The Orme story starts out with a particularly cheesy sounding name - Starfire. When the Annunaki came to Earth, it wasn't long before they noticed that since Earth was closer to the sun than Nibiru was, they aged considerably faster after so much time on the planet. It was even noted in the Book of Enki (one of my favourite sources. It's supposed to be the autobiography of Enki himself - his name means "Lord of the Earth" in Sumerian, and typically is associated with the benevolent acts of the biblical god, whilst his brother Enlil is more associated with the malevolent acts) that Anu, the father of Enki and Enlil, and King/Lord/Ruler of Nibiru, came to Earth to see for himself the works going on, and was recording as noting that he looked younger than either of his sons - to the point where they looked more like his father.

So, to combat this (and this is where I get fuzzy, about how they discovered the natural substance) they started ingesting something they called Starfire, which helped prolong their life spans by supposedly stimulating the pineal gland in such a way that it literally slows down the aging process of the body.

After so many hundreds of years of usage, the Annunaki realized the quantity of this substance wasn't unlimited and an alternative had to be found.

Orme is that alternative. It is literally gold, that has had an electron removed, which causes the material to flash with a cold burning "fire" and literally fall into a white powder, that when ingested has these same effects as the aforementioned Starfire.

This is all well and dandy but it directly relates to human history - by also having a side effect that I call the "Jesus Skillset". The "Jesus Skillset" is literally what I mean; the power is supposed to have the ability to increase the ingestor's lifespan, resurrect the dead at a touch, and the other abilities such as walking on water or healing the sick.

If you know a lot about Jesus, you'll know he was of the Davidic line of kings, and he really was a Messiah. But Messiah means nothing more than "King in waiting". The king part is important, because when human populations expanded so far, the Annunaki picked "pure" lines of humans (e.g. the lines of humans that intermingled with the sons of the gods) to rule over the humans in their stead, and instead of having to pick a new king every ten seconds (figuratively. Their lifespans are enormous compared to ours) they would feed these kings Orme to prolong their lifespans and rule for longer.

So if Jesus was a king in waiting, and the Annunaki were still around (more probably - the remnants of the Annunaki. It's easier to think that some of the hybrid offspring and even some of the true blooded Annunaki would have stayed after taking such a long time to establish theirselves on a new planet) Jesus would have likely had access to Orme. Which the research indicates that the Ark of the Covenant was likely a container for this material.

Explanation of that logic - the Ark of the Covenant has been known to kill people who touched it without the proper clothing on (alluded to in ancient texts, and the Bible itself), which is likely because Orme is a superconductor which could likely accumulate enough static charge to be used as a weapon (which is likely that happened, as well!)

So that's the short version of the Orme story. Here's some extended reading if you're still interested in the finer details I can't think of or didn't think needed relayed.

Excellent post. Great informative link, as well. Here is a bit more for those interested.

by David Icke
(Published date unknown)
from DavidIcke Website

I just want to pass on some information I have come across which may well explain shapeshifting and much else, too.

I have been chatting today to Brian Desborough, my scientist friend in California, and we have been discussing mono-atomic gold. This comes in the form of a white powder and has a two-dimensional atomic structure (one or two atoms working together) while regular gold has a three-dimensional structure (ten or more atoms working together).

Without going into all the scientific detail, when you consume this mono-atomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the current carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand times.

This would allow a person to process fantastic amounts of information like a super computer and when enough has been absorbed it would allow them to consciously move through other dimensions and shapeshift because suddenly the brain is activated to open those vast areas that we do not use in today's world. It aligns the brain cells so they all start talking to each other again.

More than that, if you consume enough of this mono-atomic gold your physical body would become luminous, I'm told, so explaining the ancient accounts of the reptilian gods and children of the gods who "shone like the Sun". Mono-atomic gold can be made from regular gold and it can be processed from certain ores, many of which are found in places like Arizona in the United States. This, I suggest, is the true meaning of the references to gold and gold mining in the Sumerian Tablets and not literally mining for normal gold, unless that was done to create the mono-atomic variety.

This substance gave - gives - the reptilians amazing abilities to process information and shapeshift because of the staggering amounts of energy they can hold and process. I am sure the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, and Phoenicians etc. used this, or more accurately, their ruling elite did, thus giving them a mental potential denied the general population.

The same continues today. This was one of the big secrets held within the Mystery Schools and passed on into the top levels of the modern secret society network. Mono-atomic gold also has unbelievable healing properties in that it aligns the cells to carry phenomenal amounts of light energy, thus dispersing the blockages and imbalances we call disease or illness.

I'm just going to bite and ask - why do you call them "reptillian" gods? I've heard of references to the Serpent god and other such but have always attributed it to their outfits and airships (the "flying serpents"). Of course, I'm half-sort-of assuming that the Annunaki resembled humans (the other way around, come to think about it) but a lot of the information I've read doesn't contradict that theory.
Very interesting stuff to think about. I never has a chance to read a short and simplified version of the Annunaki / Nibiru story/theory that made much sense until now. Great info.

I can't say it's true or not, I just consider it as a possibility.

I gotta say, I'm not sure if Annunaki look like us. Aren't they reptilians? Hmm I heard stories with them looking like humans and other stories in which they were reptilian beings.
Ancient aliens? Well,I have been to Egypt and saw the GIZA Plain, Pyramids, Sphinx, and all and it it staggering thast using simple tools all that was built. Karnax, Luxor, Thebes, all buit by simple tools. It simply "blows the mind". As for help from "friendly visitors" from somewhere else, maybe so, but I perfer to give initial cerdit ot the Egyptains and let the "visitor theory" be just that.
I think the reptilian stuff comes from translation mix ups.

Zecheria Sitchin (until last October, one of the foremost researchers capable of translating Sumerian) translated it in such a way it seems to imply the serpentine features as well as avian features (think "Winged serpents") as dress and transport descriptions. It was not uncommon to apply plumage to clothes back in the day, and it could have been a custom they've left us.

The serpent aspect surely comes from their transport vehicles - often described as fiery flying serpents. I think it's mostly a mistranslation or a misunderstanding of the true meaning. We can't really tell for sure, because the Sumerians likely had their own literary imagery that was common back then and hard to understand now. And like a good joke loses a lot in translation, it probably does as well.
Sitchin was pretty emphatic (when interviewed on Coast to Coast) that he never said the Annunaki were reptilians. That connection was mostly made by people who married information from David Icke and Barbara Marciniack. My personal opinion is that the Annunaki are not reptilians. The Annunaki are often called our "creator gods" because they were the master geneticists responsible for splicing and dicing our DNA from 12 strands to 2.....or so the story goes, and creating modern Homo Sapiens. The original gods were a collection of galactics from various star systems (the Pleiadies, Lyra, Sirius) 250,000 thousand years ago. They sort of got run out of town and then the Annunaki moved in. There have been many prototypes of humans over time but the Annunaki are primarily responsible for what we are today.

There's a longer more complete version of that story if you're interested. I don't want to type it all out for nothing. I make the mistake alot of assuming everyone is as interested in Annunaki/Reptilian stuff as I am. Oh contrair, mon frair.