Anyone Playing StarCraft: Brood War ?

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Dec 15, 2005
With patch 1.18 released, StarCraft: Brood War is now completely free to play. I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours playing this game over the last 17 years. I'm still getting my butt kicked in multiplayer though... that's why I need your help!

You can download it right here, it's 100% free:

I'm playing a game now and then on, so if you're playing too, make sure you add me as your friend. I'm on the US EAST servers, my username is Num7 (What a surprise!) Feel free to let us know here when you're available. We could meet on and have a good time playing Brood War together.

The game is exactly as is, still in low definition, but it's compatible and runs properly on modern computers. No need to dig out your Pentium 1 from 1997.

The remastered version will be released this summer.

See ya!