Are aliens Cowards ?

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Jun 18, 2015
I was meaning there is a philosophy behind giving advanced technology to "primitives". Imagine giving nukes to a tribe that has never even heard of a car or even chariot. Chances are the technology would be misused and nukes would be fired at their rivals if the rivals have nukes they'll fire back.

Basically without a safe philosophy behind the use of the technology it becomes misused. *cough* Paypass, echelon, NSA, CIA, HAARP (Alternate Reality) *cough*

That said I do agree that technology is benifical to mankind. Unfortunately our technology is easily misused...
oh i knew what you meant, thats why i said what i did, if aliens helped with technology, but stayed and basically were the parents of the planet, making sure human's didn't get harsh weapons such as the examples you gave, then things would go fine, because the aliens would be the parents of the planet, making certain human's couldn't use tech for bad.