Astral Time Travelling.....


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Astral Time Travelling.....

Hello everyone. I was kinda wondering if any of ya'll have had any success doing Time Travel in the Astral World. Also, is there a specific "procedure" that's worked well for you... and allowed you to travel to different times once you're in the Astral plane?
Thanks for your help ....... Gary ;)

Astral Time Travelling.....

I know there are those who have Gary.

I am sure they will respond to you in time.

Astral Time Travelling.....

Gary have you Astral Travelled ever?

I'll attempt this way i found tonight, tonight or monday morning, this should be interesting.

Ahg. I tried the one way tonight. I had this insanely weird feeling in my stomach, and then my brother came home and slammed the door :( . But before that, i kept getting these itches, and it was very weird.

I'm going to try again tomorrow night, and I'm going to practice another technique tonight. Hopefully this will work.
Astral Time Travelling.....

Hello PyRo99.
Yeah, I have done Astral Projection before... although not for a sustained period. Usually, I am "out-of-the-body" for only a short time.... and I never venture any farther than the bedroom. I'd really like to be able to sustain these OOBEs (out-of-body-experiences) for a longer period of time and, eventually once I learn to control them better, attempt Astral Time Travel. Most of my "unintentional" OOBEs happen during sleep.... when I suddenly find myself out-of-body "floating" in my bedroom. Through reading, I've found a number of techniques for getting into one's Astral body.... but I have not found a documented method of achieving the "time travelling" aspect of Astral Projection.... have you?

When, with time & practice, I am finally able to get to the point where I can consciously Astral Project at will.... I'll be prepared to attempt Astral Time Travel...... ;) Gary
Astral Time Travelling.....

Well Astral Projection takes A LOT of practice. But I've stumbled across a lot of techniques. One seems so fun, and I tried it last night, and i got to the final part before you actually project, so I am getting there.

I've never actually heard of Astral Time Travel, I'll look that up tonight.

Astral Time Travelling.....

PyRo, I've tried a couple of times quite a while back, without any success. Would you mind posting some of the techniques you mention, or PM me?

Astral Time Travelling.....

Also, I remember reading somewhere that, once in the Astral body, all one needs to do is concentrate on a particular time.... or a specific event which took place in that time... and the Astral body is immediately taken there. Would be a really cool thing to try, huh? :) Gary
Astral Time Travelling.....

Alright. Here are the Techniques, that I've stumbled across.


My experience of using mantra LA RA SS:

Before I went to bed I had decided that this was the mantra I would use. After practicing the mantra for four weeks, I really wanted to succeed. The vibrations would come, but I would ruin it by getting excited.

I relaxed my body using the technique given on this site. Then appealed for assistance to achieve success with the practice. (Many people have been able to astral project by asking for divine help, as you will see I was no exception).

I then vocalized the mantra LA RA SS, as given in this site, out loud at first (But not so loud that it made me awake and agitated), then silently. Immediately, with no sense of sleep arriving, I felt small and subtle vibrations.

I could then see through my eyelids and heard some very distracting background noises. (It is worth mentioning that in the astral our negative thoughts can manifest in ways that are distracting, however harmless, so its best to ignore them, however convincing they can be and continue concentrating on the mantra).

There was a short moment of paralysis, then some darkness followed and finally a quick sense of movement. I found myself standing at a place that I was familiar with in my suburb. I was a bit excited about making it, as my thoughts had came in during the process, and wasn't sure that I could hold the concentration. (You can be certain that you were helped sometimes in this practice, I felt that way on this occasion).

I took a jump and noticed I was floating happily. Taking a jump is a fun and quick way to verify you're in the astral. (As the reality of the astral can be so real that you may not even believe yourself to be there).

It was night and the stars where shinning brightly. I observed the body and what it looked like, and felt it. Getting a little carried away with the success I shot up into the sky enjoying the speed and height. The result of such excitement and thrill was to find myself getting zapped back to my body. I felt the cord that connects us to our body pull at a rapid speed. The tingling sensations of the body subsided.

Again! I learnt the sensitivity of this practice. The emotions must remain balanced in this practice, getting excited prevents a long investigation into the astral. So please learn from my mistake! It's better to investigate instead of kidding around.

Good Luck!

Concentration on a Candle

I had previously practiced this method of concentration before Gnosis, however I had never achieved anything great with it.

The practice of concentration on a candle involves setting up a room or a quiet place, with no televisions or radios making noise or distracting you. (Not to say that it can't be done if your neighbors are noisy!).

This particular practice was performed in my parents lounge room while everyone was asleep. It was only lit by one candle, placed on a table in front of me about a meter away. (Do not worry about distance with this practice, just make sure it feels comfortable and natural).

I placed a blanket over me and sat in a large comfortable lounge chair. The area was cleared by the conjuration's which are used to clear negativity that may be in the area. Then I appealed for assistance from the divine in the practice; which does make a noticeable difference.

Sitting comfortably I relaxed my body using the technique given in this site, I then observed the candle. Starting with the candle I imagined what it must feel like to be like wax (sounds strange, but you have to involve yourself with the object to learn). Seeing what the flame does to the wax I imagined what it must feel like to be a molecule of that liquid wax as its drawn up the candle wick and burnt by the flame, becoming the subtle smoke that glides on the top of the flame.

The flame then became interesting. I had many questions that I wanted to be answered; what is the flame made out of? What causes the flame to stay there? What is the body of a flame made out of? What does it feel like to be a flame and have no body? What do those sparks within the flame look like close up? (As you can see I was pretty involved, making it as interesting as it really is, but don't think about the questions, investigate with imagination) I became closer to the flame - meaning I could no longer sense the presence of my body or for want of better words no longer sensed who "I" was, I was just concentrated.

I then heard a ?click' sound, an unusual sound that made me aware, as it were, of being a flame. I lost all sense of body and mind; I was the flame, I had made it into the flame and it was very natural, smooth and quick.

I had not even been told at that stage that you could do that. It was like astral projection - when the thoughts came in and ruined the experience I felt a jolt back to my body and was sitting quite stunned on the couch. This is what they mean by getting the concentration right.

As you can see, we must become involved with the practice and at the same time do not force the mind, allow the practice to work by being concentrated, not thinking and using imagination to investigate. This practice can be done with any object - however I think a simple object like a live plant, a candle, a glass of water would help you at first. There is a lot of knowledge that is not currently known about plants and fire or water that you can access and experience and know what it is like to be that object.

Concentration on Candle

Leaving the Body

When attempting to do a practice of the astral split our experiences are often varied. There are a few different sensations and things that may happen while we are attempting to leave our physical body. I think it would be good to outline a few of the things that can happen when we try the practice in order to avoid any unnecessary fear or worry.

It may still seem strange to us that we can leave our physical body at will, but as we leave it every night when we fall asleep, its silly to worry.

The best practices I have had with the actual split between the astral and physical body did not happen as a result of thinking, being frightened or excited about the practice. These are major hindrances. Its better to try to become aware of the way the practice feels, to allow the natural feelings of the practice to run their course.

The astral split will happen regardless of whether we are trying or not. Remember - we can't stop the practice, it's just that most of the time we are unaware it's even happening to us. We've been going to the astral every night since we were born into our body, and a very long time before that. It's a good time then, to start going there consciously for a change.

One way to achieve the astral split, as has been mentioned elsewhere on this site is to watch our sleep. We examine the changes that take place within our body while we are going to sleep, instead of the usual occurrence of hitting the pillow and waking up again the next morning totally unaware of what happened or where we have been. Its a pity this happens because we miss out on so much knowledge, as well as other experiences that we didn't know were available to us, like flying and many other things we can't do in the physical.

Once we try the practice, we shouldn't be worried about this sensation or that, just naturally let it happen. I'll write about a few things that have happened to me so you can see how they can vary.

Generally the practice begins when we are completely relaxed. We can't be tense because the two bodies, the astral and the physical stay stuck together. By relaxing we loosen their connection. After this has happened, we may experience heaviness - so heavy we can feel as if we are being pushed out by an enormous weight, almost as if we are dying. Of course, this is not the case, nor is it painful, the only difference between death and exploring the astral plane is that when naturally visiting the astral plane we remain firmly attached to our physical body by the silver cord.

We can experience heaviness, and also lightness, as if we weighed nothing at all. We may sometimes feel as if we could float straight out of our body. It is also common to feel and hear vibrations or surges of electricity. We may become aware of how fast our heart is beating and the strong vibrations in that area.

Here is probably the most likely point where the astral split can be spoilt. This is because these sensations may sometimes be so intense that we become frightened or excited. It may be so intense that we feel as if we are about to take off! The more conscious we are the more likely it is that we will perceive this stage.

We can however, miss this altogether because we are not completely conscious of the whole split. On the other hand, it's possible to not really experience the vibrations. The only distinguishable sensation that we are leaving our body may be that we feel an arm or leg moving when we know our physical body is actually in a different position.

Sometimes the practice can be intense, other times very natural and subtle. Another thing I have experienced while watching my sleep process was a wind that was blowing gently around me, and the closer I got to leaving the body the louder the wind became. There are many other strange sensations that can be experienced, like a feeling of being surrounded by blackness, or an action like rolling out of our physical body, to name a few.

The important thing is to be open to whatever sensations the splitting of the two bodies creates. Its also very important to remember to watch and make sure that during this process there are no thoughts or emotions going on within you, ultimately these spoil the practice as well because the more attention we pay to them, the less chance we have of becoming aware of the sleep process. They are too distracting.

This of course can be difficult as you will see, but be determined and natural at the same time, and its more than likely that you will get results. If you want to try to astral project by watching your sleep, try not to force the practice. This will only make the body tense and the split impossible. Avoid thoughts and let it happen naturally.

Once you feel as if the astral body has detached, (when you no longer feel the heaviness of the physical body and can move your astral legs and arms) this is the time to get up. Sit up or roll over the same way you do with your physical body, and you can often find you are free to fly and may even see you physical body safe and sound asleep in bed. If however, you find that thoughts are overwhelming you and it is impossible to concentrate, don't give up.

There will be another opportunity and the more familiar you become with the practice, the less frightening or difficult it will become. Attempting the practice in the morning is also a very good way of achieving results. This is because we are not usually as tired and our minds are not filled with thoughts from the day. If we wake up an hour or so before we have to get up and then try to astral project, it can be very beneficial.

Another note - if the practice is successful, make sure that you have already decided beforehand what you wish to investigate. It can so happen, that we arrive in the astral plane and miss our opportunity because we have no clue where to begin.

Another very important thing to do is to ask for help from the divine. We can do little without their help.

Go and try this practice tonight - you never know what may happen! Happy traveling!
Leaving the Body

Concentration on the Heart

One Saturday afternoon, I and some other students, had been guided through various practices: these being consciously listening to classical pieces of music and a practice of the Mantra O. Our aim was to invigorate the heart and its respective chakra so that we may have strength in our Astral practice of concentration on the Heart.

The guide had brought to light how little I knew about my own heart and how through conscious investigation I could learn how it functions and feels. My interest in my heart was really invigorated so I took to the practices enthusiasm and real interest to understand this powerful organ that keeps me alive. That afternoon I had experienced my heart beating from being within my body rather than from outside. I also gained some understanding of how various negative emotions, like fear, can affect the workings of my heart. I went home with more enthusiasm then when I arrived and with a yearning to know more about this wonderful organ called the heart.

I tried the concentration on my heart again the next day to Astral project. I made sure I relaxed my body completely from head to toe. I then took my focus to my heart and concentrated on its beating. At first just lying there feeling it beat. I then took my attention internally and from within my body I watched my heart beat. I felt the walls of the heart with my hand and investigated its shape. From there I penetrated inside the heart to see what it looked like from within. I went down the arteries of the heart and went inside to feel the powerful flow of the blood and its circulation through the veins. I kept going over and over these things, each time to gain more understanding of how the heart works.

I dosed off into sleep a few times, but I kept coming back to the concentration practice. In one of the falls into sleep I found myself awake in a strange alert way. I was standing up in my astral body but when I tried to move I was back in my physical body. After a few attempts to go into my astral body I realised that I was trying to move with my mind. I was trying to think myself to move and that was why I kept coming back into my physical body. I had to forget about my lying physical body and learn to use my astral body. So I stopped using my mind and instead I went with the body I 'felt' I was in and very naturally moved my arms and legs and went to the window and flew out - just like that.

Once we are in the Astral body we can project anywhere we wish by merely bringing to our mind where we wished to go, that's if we can last the journey without coming back to our sleeping body. Concentration on the heart is a wonderful practice, not only can you astral project, but you can also learn a great deal about your heart and how it works purely from your own experience.

Concentration on the Heart

The Little Jump

Well, it is certainly true that some people have more difficulty than others in the practice of Astral Travel. However, it is possible for everyone to achieve, and the quality of your Astral experiences really comes down to the efforts you are making, not only at night, but during the day as well.

One simple technique for Astral Travel that I have found very helpful when all else has failed is the 'little jump'. When done well, anyone can wake up in their dreams and experience the Astral dimension consciously. However, it does need to be done well. By this, I mean we really need to ask ourselves during the day whether we are in the Physical or in the Astral. Not just for the sake of asking ourselves the question, but because we really want to know where we are. We really doubt that we are in the Physical, so in order to prove where we are, we ask ourselves that question and we jump as if we were going to fly.

For me this practice has been effective, but I have realised that it must be done with conscious efforts. I remember when I was first given this technique. We finished the lecture and we all tried the practice together. We asked ourselves if we were in the Physical or in the Astral, and we were all jumping around the place. This was an amazing concept for me because I had never before considered that I would be anywhere other than the Physical. I felt awake, so therefore I was in the Physical. It was quite incredible for me to realise that I could be in the Astral dimension at any time. I was very eager to prove where I really was, and the instructor at the time kept insisting that we were all in the Astral, so I kept jumping, trying to fly.

We only did this practice for about 4 or 5 minutes, but that night I woke up from my dreams to find myself conscious in the Astral dimension. I couldn't believe that my efforts in that short time had brought such instantaneous results. Since then, I have continued on using this technique. However, it has only brought results when I have put in the efforts needed for this practice to work. Sometimes I have gone a week jumping 40 times a day and I have not woken up in my dreams. This is because I did not really doubt where I was and I was not really 'waking up' out of my dream like state during the day to verify my question. I have learnt that with this technique we have to activate that self-remembrance. We have to make efforts to pull ourselves out of our daydreams to really realise where we are, who we are and what we are doing. This self-remembrance is the key to waking up in the Astral because it is that moment of consciousness that will return in your dreams.

The Little Jump

The Inner Rhythm Method (or Doing the Third-Eye Throb)

To find your own inner rhythm you should be lying on your back, preferably after several hours of sleep, just as you awaken. Continue to relax -- maintaining the hypnopompic state, that delicate state between half-awake and half-asleep. Now look at the darkness in front of you. Is there a gentle "pulsing action" or a strobe-light effect? Can you feel the "Whomp-Whomp Thing" behind your eyes and between them? If so, imagine it speeding up or increasing. Now focus your mind on your entire body. Do you feel the pulsations, as if a gentle wave of energy is undulating throughout your body? Make the pulsations stronger by following the rhythm in your mind. Imagine it speeding up, becoming more pronounced and powerful -- push it along in your mind. When the pulsations have increased to a certain point, you should feel a rocking sensation from left to right, as the astral body begins to loosen itself from the physical body. Keep this sensation going by imagining it moving faster and faster. If you can continue this crazy rocking/wobbling motion without freaking out eventually your astral body will be BLASTED into astral space! Yee-Haw! You will shoot high up into space, make an arc, and then come down. If this was your first astral blast, however, then you will probably be back in your body before you knew what hit you.

If you want an exit from the body that isn't quite as alarming as the above, then you should just imagine your astral self rolling off the bed in one gentle fluid motion -- do this before the rocking sensation has become too extreme. You will know when you are succeeding when you feel your consciousness withdrawing from the physical body. When complete separation has taken place, forget about your physical body and think only of how calm and relaxed you are (repeating a word, such as "peaceful", may be of help to keep your mind at ease and preoccupied). If sight is blurry, move away from the physical body until your vision clears. If it remains blurry, will yourself to see more clearly.

Canon Ball (Third Eye Throb)

The X Marks-the-Spot Method

This method should also be done after several hours of sleep. This is the lazy man's astral projection technique. As you begin to awaken, don't move the body and keep your eyes closed. The idea, believe it or not, is to fall asleep again -- but this time with a particuliar goal firmly planted in your mind as you drift off into slumberland. The goal is to fall asleep while imagining that there is a big black X on the floor near your bed and that your consciousness is sitting on that big black X. Just imagine yourself, that pin-point of consciousness that is YOU, is on the floor next to your bed -- keep this idea firmly rooted as you fall asleep. This technique is very simple but it works great for me. The next thing you'll be aware of is that suddenly your consciousness has fallen to the floor, and this very act of falling to the floor, this movement, actually brightens or awakens your consciousness so you are fully aware what has happened, that you are now outside your body -- and ready for some exploration.

For the first few experiences it is best to stay in your home, for this place is familiar and will be of comfort to you. As you get more accustomed to the laws of the astral world and the astral vehicle in which you find yourself, you can begin to explore the universe and what lies beyond.

X Marks the Spot