Atlantean Crystals

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Sep 19, 2004
Atlantean Crystals

Atlantean Crystals

It is written - or perhaps channeled - as this information cannot be verified - that the ancient Atlanteans used crystals extensively, as part of their everyday lives.

Crystals varied in patterns or grid - sizes - color combinations - and tones. Crystals follow harmonic frequencies and could be used with an instrument that looks like a tuning fork.

Crystals received power from a variety of sources, including the Sun, the Earth's energy grid system, or from each other.

Uses of crystals -

- Healing

- Awakening and developing psychic abilities

- Meditation - Connecting with source

- Increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought

- Dematerialisation - teleportation

- Transport of objects - telekinesis

- Working with magnetic force fields

- Storing records and other knowledge - much like a computer

- Growing plants and such

- Science and technology - producing and teleporting matter

- Weather Control

- Huge crystal towers used as power generators

- Communication - Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter. The larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes. On a higher spiritual level, rooms made of crystals were places where the Initiates left their bodies in the Final Transcendence, often never to return.

Atlantean Pyramids and Crystals

Atlanteans harnessed the energies of the pyramids. They used crystals to enhance pyramid energies.

As we have one Great Pyramid at the center of the planet - in Giza that controls the grid that creations our reality - so too did the Atlanteans. It is supposed to have sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean - but that is metaphor from consciousness returning to the collective unconsciousness - or creational source.

Just as we have major and minor grids points of energy on the planet - so did the Atlanteans. Girds point are oftenmarked by smaller pyramids. The Atlanteans used this energy with crystals to transmit energy from one pyramid to another.

Depending on the tilt of the Earth's axis at a particluar time of the year one pyramid would function to intensify and transmit energies to other pyramids which would then act as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it was needed.

The opposite would be true, when that pyramid was at an unfocusable point to their celestial alignment the others would transmit to those.

The fall of Atlantis

There were warnings before the fall of Atlantis - or should I saw the close of the Atlantean program of consciousness.

Before Atlantis fell crystals were used to store information which would be found in our timeline. Once found - the crystals would be used as means to help them remember the ancient times of Atlantis and the role they played in that civilization. In other words - the crystals would amplfy and focus the energies of the person who found them now - as they move through their spiritual journey. They might see themselves working with the crystals in many different capacities.

These crystals are in truth part of our DNA genetic encodings which are activing now as we reach the end of another program. If you preceive of reality as parallel - both programs are running parallel to each other. Souls are often receiving messages from the grids that create both programs. And end time is coming - turn to crystals for healing, personal power and clearing. Once done - balance is restored and souls reach Zero Point Polarity - the pole merge - or pole shift of consciousness.

The way the story goes - [we all live within the stories we create and desire to write at some point] - at the time of the fall - the Atlanteans became wnated too much power. There was a Great Crystal. Its operation was taken over by those of less spiritual. As a result - the energies of the Great Crystal were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies.

Finally the Great Crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and melting mountains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis, and perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself.


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Oct 23, 2013
how will I know which crystal help bring the best out of me. like do I have hidden powers that or help me amplify a different level of consciousness?