Avoid talking too the wrong crowd of people


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Most people in 2020 is messing up badly.That why the Government has there hands in are cookie jar.Now internet is becoming place of 1984 Orwellian Surveillance because so many people are making bad choices saying stupid crap online or they are focused on wrong things in life.We gave enemy a reason too put more surveillance online where companies like coinbase wallet collect your personal info such as your address and phone number so coinbase wallet can use that personal information against you when you break the laws of buying illegal goods online.Or you don't pay your taxes coinbase wallet can send your data too FBI .Too me this is why surveillance data is becoming law because humans on internet are not smart enough too make there own choices without screwing themselves up without hanging out with wrong crowd of people getting themselves hurt.I done investigated why are humans are caged up like animals because humans put themselves in a cage for not having an open mind outside of religion and they get offended when they hear something they don't want too here.The humans act like animals misbehaving not knowing how too act i don't feel sorry for you when FBI comes too raid your house.If you kepted your nose clean you wouldn't have so many liars and back stabbers too stab you right in the back too create more problems too steal your time.All Corona Virus is an excuse because society is too sorry too work and do what they are suppose too do.All i heard this year is the same excuses and same mistakes that mankind has been making in the past 30yrs .With the Technology people focus on the wrong areas instead of focusing on the right areas too get them out of the situation they are in going though abuse and mind control .The humans incharge are sexual predators so why would i go too hospital too allow the Government too have access too my body.Things ain't working out for you keep moving on like in airplane too have a smooth landing.Everything happens for a reason the reason why you have a rough time is because the universe tells you don't belong in this area.That what i am doing i will let everything fix itself instead of fixing up problems that somebody else has created that i don't know about.I decided too work too fix myself and how i act.If you wouldn't act up so bad the human incharge wouldn't suspect that you are doing something that you are not suppose too do.All 2020 is about in my eyes is that i am too sick as an excuse because human race doesn't want the freedom too deal with all problems in life so they will get the Government of Humans with all the money above them too be savior with all answer abusing Bible and Knowledge too use Bible and make false interpretation too get everyone too fall in line with rules too take away a man ability of freewill .Too fall in line with Communism system being setup by Bankers and ruling elite.The Bible is true but it doesn't have all knowledge in the universe its just the surface of knowledge of universal laws of right from wrong.A huge no no in real world is you talk about this too everybody.Every word you say has a price too pay are you willing too pay that price because there is certain things that you can and cannot say in real world because they will torture you.It doesn't matter if you are the smartest guy that is half human and half machine you still can die from stupidity.I sense energy too predict each person too avoid trouble too avoid talking too wrong people is my technique.


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its each and everyone of us who made bad choice that we are in this situation, its not anyone else problems, this is how we think and now we are heading towards a NW0 and they plan to reduce 75% of the world ^population