Believe that Joseph Mengele may have been involved with Grays & Pleiadeans

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I believe that the Third Reich possibly with the aid of confederate may have used time travel to try & disrupt the incarnate of a famous war lord that was incarnated to Earth out of fear.

The plot may have backfired due to a dishonesty factor so causing an unplanned casualty on the Pleiadeans Empire side. From what one viewpoint can tell the incarnate was an innocent target, because of an improper guess involving misconception judgment. They were possibly trying to get at incarnate's statis?

This may or may not involve said to come at this date of posting events on the dates December eighth, twelfth and the twenty-fifth of 2022. The incarnate so long ago, due to the misery level of his existence was asked to pressure peaceful living and this may be why the Pleiadeans and their cohorts failed.

This is a posting for desired lineal effect and is not a wanted discussion on the town square center like billboard posting. Thank you for your attention.

See time traveler say relayed from Tik Tok predicts happenings for December 2022 from time traveler from 2671



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the nazis loves the subject... they all reich was obsessed with the domination of air and tried to evolve... successfully did so... alot of it is in antarctica which ofc you are not allowed to visit unless pre arranged and only to the flagged tip for 5 min and 38 seconds...
you get the point..