Betyls and other aerolites


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Hi everyone!

One subject intrigues me more and more: betyls, i.e. those black stones supposedly of meteoritic origin that have become objects of worship.
One of the most famous is the Black Stone at the heart of the Kaaba, thus at the center of the main pilgrimage of Islam.

However, I have read several times that this kind of artifact has powerful capabilities, in particular to exert a psychic influence on the masses, which would explain their religious role, and even to induce genetic mutations in flora, fauna and therefore also humans, or to generate alterations in space-time.
Moreover, some references ascribe their own wills to these betyls, or at least they affirm that they are the mediums of extradimensional intelligences.

Have you any evidence about their supernatural powers?

Also, I am especially interested by any evidence or source about a particular betyl.
Officially, the stone of Cybele that had been brought to Rome during the Second Punic War disappeared without a trace.
However, some people imply that it is the Roman Catholic Church that is holding this betyl and is using its powers.

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