Big Brother and Big Business will want yours' next


Big Brother and Big Business will want yours' next

"As home owners from New London, CT packed the courtroom here to await a decision on the fate of their dwellings, Manhattanville residents wondered whether the resolution might change the ground rules in the fight against the expansion. The controversy over eminent domain reached the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday, as the justices listened to arguments in Kelo v. New London, a case whose outcome will define the limits of the government?s power to buy property against the owner?s will for ?public use.? The court?s decision may affect how Columbia obtains properties for its expansion."

New London Story

... Will be big brother decide he doesnt like how ur taking care of your property? Could this case a civil war? What are you going to do, if "Super Business wants you little plot of the earth, and will only pay you pennies?"