Bigfoot foot print found in Missouri?


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In the Ozarks in Missouri there is the Blue Man, a Bigfoot type creature. They are not blue in color. The name comes from a man from the north, a Yankee who first reported seeing the cryptic there.


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According to our source, within a secret organization allegedly at Fort Leonard Wood and corroborated with many eye witness accounts, the military had started a secret program in 1983 at Fort Leonard Wood when locals found a crashed UFO on the boarder of the Mark Twain National Forest and the military reservation. Shortly after the crash was found, many sightings of Sasquatch like creatures were seen throughout Pulaski county. The latest sightings of UFOs and Sasquatch like creatures happened December 24, 2009 near the Gasconade River, just off Highway 133. Our source said that the UFO studied at Fort Leonard Wood was actually a control module and incubation chamber created by advanced reptoid aliens. The module/incubation chamber held the DNA of the reptiod aliens genetically altered ape-like shock troops used to destroy humanity. Some of the creatures escaped and started to breed in the wild. Without an active control module to condition them for combat, the creatures reverted to a natural state. Many sightings of these creatures have been seen throughout the county. Our source has also stated that the U.S. Army has created a new module, and with the remaining DNA found in the original craft, have created their own version of those Sasquatch type shock troops. Our source also stated that they will be tested in Afghanistan sometime in 2021.

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