BT3 Frequency Monitoring System Engineering

Thank you dustin255 for the patent link, here is a similar one:
Patent US2478023 - Frequency monitoring system

I've found the following pages about the BT3 Frequency Monitoring System:
Wayback Machine
Coherent Resources, Inc.:BT3 FAQs

As I'm looking at the BT3's package (, the main component looks like some analyzer from Trimax (on the right side). I couldn't find the exact model though. According to its technical description it had two inputs covering the 1 MHz - 3 GHz range.

On the other hand, there is a currently available Rife machine package called Spooky2 (Spooky2 Home). This one has a Spooky2-XM Generator, which is very likely a rebranded MHS2305. It has an input frequency range of 1Hz-60MHz, that isn't too good for confirming the resonance measurement of all the essential oils, but if we are lucky we could check at least basil (52 Mhz) and galbanum (56 Mhz). To be able to use the generator's frequency spectrum analysis function I think we would need either a Hand Cylinders (Contact Mode) for humans or its Radionics extension (Spooky Radionics — Berkana Labs) for materials/oils.

Curious synchronicity at play today, I've been magically directed to this device detail by another friend of mine, curious cause I only joined recently
thus, marking the thread for further research later.