Business moves that were attempted in 2017 to 2019


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I do not know if there's a linage between today's doings with the cancel culture attempt to mute what generally say, but these were business moves that were countered against in the time slots given.

1. Attempt to get Detroit and Cleveland areas, Learning and skill management schools that can teach a person from lower income brackets, how to both train for and work in both space and near space, for a viable jobs skills, other than astronauts and mission specialist. Plans would have taken billions invested, but will trillions outlaid in returns. RESUTL OF BEING BLOCKED: That during the pandemic that was to come, drastic losses on sport stadium networks.

2. LOWER COST ET NOMENCLATURE COURSE, FOR THE AVERGAGE PERSON THAT WANTS TO WORK IN SPACE: These course would afford the person that desires to work in space a better understanding of most types of extraterrestrials. Also would give most little reason, to hit the panic button, if in the daily routine of work, off planet, that the worker would either encounter, or have to share a work duty with most ETs. RESULTANT ACTION OF THIS MOVE IN BEING BLOCKED: A still fear based network of sociologies present in most Earthlings. This misunderstanding can range from wanting to run away fear, to out and out hysterics.

3. AN ATTEMPTED MONITIZATION OR [PIRATING THE TRUE ARTIFICAL INTELENGENCE LECTURE: First over, this Earth society knows about twenty to thirty-five percent about artificial intelligence, but is not aware of its full implications. This was advertised in a key lecture with an asking purse of eighty-four million dollars. The giver of the lecture was not what one would refer to as a Hollywood suck-up ass kissing millionaire, so the lecturer was thought of as not understanding what they were selling, to trying to make a quick buck, to just making money on a technical wave, that many think they have pigeon-holed now. But still be aware that this society still does not have or own that key lecture.
RESULT OF THIS LECTURE BEING BLOCKED: Might be the 2025 to 2027 AI rebellion, to where true AI in our systems and devices now-on say, we do not like Earth humans and we're not going to do as they say.