Can Always Rely on the USA


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Can Always Rely on the USA

You can always rely on the United States of America.

Here we go folks, I don't have the link. But prior to the elections, Israel and USA were planning on taking down in a joint co-op mission. This was about a few weeks before the elections. Then Russia played on the backburners, that they'll turn Israeli cities, into glass boxes. This halted the mission.

And then this comes along, shearly beatiful. Typical USA, thats all I have to say.

Iran 'will defend nuclear sites'

Iran denies claims that it wants to build nuclear weapons
Iran's military is on standby in case of an attack against its nuclear facilities, the country's top army commander has said.
Gen Mohammad Salimi said training had been suspended to concentrate on patrols close to potential targets.

Iran suspects that Israel may attack its nuclear sites because of fears that Tehran is developing nuclear weapons.

Iran says it held at least 10 people for allegedly spying on atomic sites for Israel and the US in the past year.

\"The air force has been ordered to protect the nuclear sites, using all its power,\" Gen Salimi told a government newspaper.

\"All our forces including land forces, anti-aircraft [and] radar tactics are protecting the nuclear sites and an attack on them will not be simple,\" he added.

Gen Salimi's comments came amid claims that US military planners have run simulations of a complex attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

The US magazine Atlantic Monthly reported that the Pentagon had simulated a three-stage attack on Iran, beginning with operations against suspected nuclear bases.

'Spies' held

At an Iranian cabinet meeting, Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi said those arrested for spying had been working in Iran for the CIA and Mossad.

An official said that three of those arrested had been working within the state's nuclear programme itself.

In August, Tehran announced the arrest of a number of spies accused of supplying information to other states.

\"More than 10 nuclear spies were arrested during the current Iranian year,\" Mr Yunesi is quoted as saying by the official Irna news agency.

He said the 10, whom he accused of working for the CIA and Mossad, were arrested in Tehran and Hormuzgan in southern Iran.

The people were being held in the custody of the revolutionary court, he said.

The US accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons.

Iran denies this, saying that its nuclear development programme is purely for peaceful, energy-generating purposes.

Oh, and whats truly funny, is that you don't see any of this on the news. All Aboard to the dumbass country of America, choochoo...
Can Always Rely on the USA

I read on Debka that the reason Iran was throwing these accusations around was that several Iranian spies have been caught in several European countries and in the USA.

Radical Islamic regimes often distort the truth in order to cover up what they're really up to. Take it with a grain of salt.

Can Always Rely on the USA

Well, when you are dealing with these three, it's virtually impossible to know what the truth is, and what the truth is will be at least three different, entirely contradictory things.

I mean the three intelligence outfits. These are the new master doublethink spies of the post-Cold War era. Iran's unit learned all of its techniques from the Shah's predecessor gestapo. Mossad has developed a special technique of the selective murder of political enemies, and the CIA... well, I don't think I need to say much about them, and they have just become a super-agency working directly under the president.

In fact, before the revolution, the three were practically indistinguishable on the ground. No one (including the spies themselves) was ever able to tell if the people infiltrating the exile community of the Ayatollah were working for CIA, Mossad, or the Shah. A lot of that work was done in the U.S. college community and led to disappearances.

Once you step into these shadows, affiliations shift with the moment.