Can somebody help me time travel a year or two into the past, my techniques are not completed yet.


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know that based off certain data, most people on this forum are not time travelers and the ones that claim they are lied, I am fed up about a situation that I am in. any help would be appreciated, preferable, would like the time travel method to be frequency based so could be generate a portal by playing certain sequence or sequences of frequencies. Where would timetravel and keep my body a mind while others percieve me to be how I was, and my previous self, maybe, not be there. Know that based off my knowledge of human behavior in the cultures I am in there would probally be no way anybody would say if they knew, probally would have the time police after them anyways if it exists. Just in case know, the only forum a few people who are using science to try to time travel. Know that they probally were time travel experients by the military anyways, most conspiracy theories are mostly true and plausable. Have experienced a change in timelines I think too. Funny it was about the fourth matrix movie, somebody described it existing and the plot, might of looked it up and found a description but memory about that is a bit hazy, few days later that person denied ever saying that and said the fourth matrix movie is still being made which I verified. Its funny that many people claim the same things about childrens book are things that occured in movies, may sound unlikely but who knows, many timetravelers from this time period would do it as a practical joke. Built in resistence to memory lose? could be the mass's just not eating healthy foods and exersizing causing mass memory problems with certain words about movies and childrens books because thats what they consider most important! think I don't know, but regardless any actual easy way to time travel is hoped for, without losing a few limbs and having other subjectively very negative side effects. Most people on this forum ask this type of question atleast once, I am not asking this because of some little problem that can't easly fix like depression, became divorsed because I did not learn how to understand that person, or lost a job. meditating a bit and boosting cognition fixes that, its very important. understand how to mass produce nanobots and other things, really, any real help is needed

On another not; might become so hopeless that just reveal how to do it, and cause allot of consequences just to get out of a tight situation. Don't want to be silenced though, would probally not be believed by a gov that does not know how to run itself and relies on meanless pedigrees; does not know how to mentally train its employes. so probally don't need to worry. personally though, don't really blame life just blame my reactions, interpetations, and perceptions.
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Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you, outside of helping you to research methods. My first recommendation for you is a man named Marshall Barnes and his Verdrehung Fan. It’s likely fake though, but you may be interested