Canadian Encounters Flying Snake-Like Creature and Humanoid-Shaped UFOs, Shares Photographs

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Apr 20, 2011
PICTON, Ontario — A man with a reported history of UFO sightings says he encountered a flying snake-like creature in the woods of Prince Edward County.

Paul Shishis, a 56-year-old working as a QC receiver, told Cryptozoology News the encounter took place while camping near Sandbanks Provincial Park, in proximity to lake Ontario.

“I was at camp preparing to take a shower and then head back to the tent for sleep,” he said about the 2003 incident. ” I was alone at the back of the building where the showers are located.
There was a single bright light on a pole for light,” he added.

Shishis says that as he lit a cigarette, he noticed a 3-foot-long creature hovering about 6 feet off the ground making a fan-like noise, as if its body was rotating.

“It made a figure eight, then return back the way it came in.”

The Canadian, who says he was in a state of shock at the time, explains the creature came back about 40 seconds later.

“I was so freaked out that I went into the shower stall. I began taking a shower and tried to calm down,” he said.

Reportedly, after a 15-minute shower, the eyewitness went back to his tent in an attempt to sleep.

He described the creature as a “flying snake-like” being with a “greyish white” body. Its face contained “two large dark eyes like a goose at the front”.

Shishis shares a drawing of the creature. Credit: Paul Shishis

“The creature’s eyes rolled back as it passed me. Its body was like a broom handle stick. Girth of the body was about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.”

The man says he didn’t notice anything like wings on the sides of the body, although something very similar, white and brilliant, was attached to its back.

“It was spinning like a fan,” he explained.

No other witnesses were present during his alleged encounter with the creature.

But according to Shishis, this aerial anomaly is not the only one he has experienced throughout his life. Well known among he UFO community, the man claims to have witnessed over 400 UFOs.

“Some very bizarre. The sizes range from basketball to miles,” he says about the flying objects. “They are solid, then translucent, pure light… appear and disappear.”

And he has some pictures to prove it.

Triangle UFO. Credit: Paul Shishis

Humanoid-like anomaly. Credit: Paul Shishis

Round UFO appears in the sky. Credit: Paul Shishis

The same round object, zoomed in. Credit: Paul Shishis

He tells Cryptozoology News that, as a young child, he went through an experience that leads him to believe he was abducted by the occupants of these unidentified vehicles.

“That discovery happened in 2003, and it was not nightmares,” he says.

Creature Shishis says was present during his suspected abduction as a child. Credit: Paul Shishis

Drawing of the abductors, which Shishis refers to as “snowmen”. Credit: Paul Shishis

Shishis, who went public in 2005, believes the sightings might be linked to the Marysburgh Vortex, an area in eastern Lake Ontario known for reports of strange occurrences that some have compared to the Bermuda Triangle.

As to what the creature really was, the Canadian says it was probably some sort of interdimensional being.

“I have experienced extraordinary unknown aerial anomalies. I have also been trailed by unmarked black helicopters,” Shishis said. “I felt it my duty to share these experiences with my human family.”
Spots similar to the Marysburgh Vortex are the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts, the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Cannock Chase in England.

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