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CarlosX Robot Repairman
Using Steven Gibbs HDR, CarlosX was able to travel to 2152 and see a world where sci-fi like robots were integrated into society much like in the movie Irobot. The book Irobot was written by Asimov the greatest science fiction author of all time.

Actually, the anime series Chobits is closer to what happens in the future. In Chobits a boy falls in love with a beautiful blonde robot. He has to train her and teach her how to behave. In 2152, most of the customers are lonely old men, and most of the robots are pretty young blondes. If you "marry" a robot you are seen as a loser that cannot get a real girl.
Basically there are three castes, men who marry real girls at the top, men who marry clones below, and at the very bottom substratum of society lie the losers who can only have robots as companions.

Many people use astral time travel via the HDR to see future events. Most of these people do not talk about what they see.

Buying a Robot
This information comes from using the HDR created by Inventor Steven Gibbs. Repairing robots is easy. You wave a wand over the "dead bot" and find out which module is bad, the wand flashed green for good and red means trouble. If the wand flashes red you pull out the bad module and replace it with a good one. This only takes a few minutes.

You can fix many robots per hour. Most of the damage is done by frustrated old men who can no longer "perform". If the damage is too extensive you throw the old robot out and give them a fresh new model. Bots are cheap, they sell for the price of a gold coin. There are no permits to sign. It is as easy as buying a toaster oven.

The job of being Carlosx future robot repairman was very unglam. It is as glam as picking garbage in our time and although it pays OK, not enough to afford a flying car or other high tech items of the far future.

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