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Finding a Vortex
We have several methods of finding a vortex. This is a how to locate a space-time vortex, with emphasis on using it for HDR experiments. We use vortex tools.

1) Dowsing with {L-rods, pendulum, bob}

L-Rods to find a vortex

Steven Gibbs suggests creating L-Rods using wire or coat hangers to dowse for a vortex. The idea is that the L-Rods will cross when over a Hartmann Grid type vortex. The vortex occurs where two grid lines cross.

I also use a pendulum with a map to dowse for a vortex because it works better than L-Rods.

Audio Finding a Vortex

One possible way to find a vortex is to use a pendulum. Sometimes to save time you can map dowse to locate the vortex and then go out into the field. The pendulum will spiral around clockwise or counterclockwise over a vortex.
According to Steven Gibbs there are positive and negative.

Pendulum map dowse for finding a vortex
2) EMF detector AKA gaussmeter

Using an EMF meter to detect a magnetic anomaly is my favorite method of locating a vortex. This will not only tell me the location, but also the strength of the vortex grid point. The problem is that this will only find a magnetic vortex, it will not locate a gravity vortex like the Oregon Vortex, or a time vortex. For a time vortex use a watch and see if it moves at a different speed than a wall clock that is far away.

3) FM Radio

Most vortex researchers are aware that an area of radio silence exists inside the location of a magnetic vortex. An FM radio will cut out inside the vortex.

4) Frequency counter

The frequency will drop when over a vortex. Steven Gibbs says this is the best method to find a vortex for the HDR.

5) Cellular telephone

You will see the bars drop and a NO SRV appear when over a vortex. You cannot dial out or get calls in that location. The vortex acts like a shield that blocks radio waves from going in or out.

6) Binoculars

Prof Opmur says that he can find a vortex using binoculars. A shimmering heat wave is spotted near the vortex. This event is caused by the time space distortion of the grid point.

7) Visual Observation

Typically, there is a bare area in the lawn "bald spot" when nothing grows near a vortex. If you plant a tree where a vortex is located, the tree will grow twisted. Insects are attracted to a vortex so expect to find ant hills or a cloud of gnats. Another animal that is attracted to a vortex is a cat. Steven Gibbs says that cats like to sleep on a vortex. So if you go vortex hunting it is important to have a cat.

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