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Finding a VORTEX
Here is information on how to find a vortex using simple easy tools.

Sedona Vortex Books

It is important to be find energy vortexes made of primary energy. You can feel the energy stream emanating from the vortex,
this is a mini-tornado of energy - look for places where no grass grows. Primary energy interferes with cellular growth.
Around the "bald spot" is an area of short grass. Trees growing on top of a vortex are stunted and twisted.

When two veins of primary energy cross each other (one above the other), they create a spiraling energy.
Sometimes, if planted on top of such a place, a tree picks up that cork-screwing energy.
You can see that it looks twisted.

Many animals are attracted to vortexes, especially cats. Other animals like birds go crazy when a vortex opens.
Usually big ant-hills are located right over the vortex. Walk around the ant-hill and look for the vortex
with your L-rods. In New England these doorways are usually no more than six inches wide - usually less.
You need one that is at least 3 feet wide. The best kind of vortex is a hyperdimensional corridor. The HDC is an upwelling of
primary energy (which comes up from the center of the Earth).

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