China Swears It Isn't Building a Time Machine

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^the "world" is in chaos unseen before due to lies so deeply rooted into your species.. there is no recovery from this without full out war and self discovery..
mark and date.. you are in REALLY bad shape.. no joke.. this will only be resolved when the deep state is done with and the american people truly get free and to the littlest thing you never even think about like HOA's.. the united states of america is fascist country with pretended freedom.. the richer you are the more freedom you have but it is also limited due to the prison they put you in to begin with.. you had no chance.. the gen xers and u nder are in DEEP trouble.. this is not going anywhere until true liberty prevails or you become 100% AI enslaved species

You're the same 'Species' as we....And seemingly, every bit as reliant on the use of a Keyboard.


Even the president?
everything and to flipper by now you should know attention is not what i seek .. i seek redemption and salvation for the disaster your species brought on itself.. of course no matter what i write here you are heading into complete and utter disaster of AI abyss going way past your time in the current flesh you reside within

no matter how much help there is.. it's always the same loop on and on and on yes just like the movies just much worse you will see

start at edge

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I have an example of something that even at such magnitude (as presented) could not ever overwhelm us.
It shows (almost literally) what “they” are about to get. There is no way out for “them” … no wonder they got that desperate. Certain brainless entities should give it a shot and try understanding, even though I seriously doubt this would be possible without a brain, still, I think it is always worth trying.