Christmas Epiphany - A Limerick Poem


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A considerable time I've been here
And I've know quite a few in those years.
Their collections of posts
Haunt this forum like ghosts
But I tread in these halls without fear.

Every one seemed a likeable sort
Ever quick with a funny retort
And I wonder today
Was it really this way?
Or has time sanitized that cohort?

Looking back is okay for a while
But should you care to get more from your smile
It's today you must see
Not some old wanna be
It's the present where you show your style.

The forum's picked up here of late
Surprisingly dodging a fate
That others have had
When the traffic was bad
And the members were all shown the gate.

This latest of our incarnations
Shows promise for cordial relations
Except for a few
(that is, me. And you?)
Representing the guild of crustaceans.

A bond, I believe, is now forming
And the posters to others are warming
The crowd has been growing
And the fellowship flowing
Like the board has at last reached new morning.

When I look out at this present crew
I'm impressed by the things that they do
that I read on the board
And I think "Oh my Lord
I was thirty when they were but two!"

To my mates both here now and days past
My advice is to make the days last.
For time has a way
Of stealing each day
And allotments run out far too fast.

So to all of you reading these lines
I would wish for the happiest times.
I wrote this, I'd say
Just for your Christmas day
Like this poem, may it be super fine.


My niece wrote "The Ethereal Eclectic"

Have a look.
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